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12th July 2021
DDR5 SODIMM high-performance computing memory

5G’s market penetration is growing rapidly and requires processing speed upgrades that new technologies such as DDR5 can offer. DDR5 is truly a step forward into a new generation of industrial memory, and can better meet the needs of high-bandwidth industrial applications such as data centers, AIoT and machine learning.

17th March 2021
DDR5 eco-chain alliance accelerating mass production plan

Apacer has announced that it is promoting the DDR5 eco-chain alliance and outlining the development blueprint for a full DDR5 memory module product line, covering four major categories: server, industrial, consumer and gaming.

26th February 2021
Ultra-large capacity, DDR5 and PCIe at embedded world

Apacer has announced that it will once again participate in embedded world 2021 from March 1st to 5th. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's conference only a digital exhibition will be presented. Apacer will display a variety of products for defense applications, rugged applications, cloud applications, information security protection and so on.

21st January 2021
Mass-production of DDR4-3200 memory modules

Apacer has announced mass production of a full range of industrial-grade DDR4-3200 wide-temperature memory modules. They use Samsung’s original wide-temperature grade chips to support cutting-edge platforms including AMD’s Ryzen Embedded V2000 processor and Intel’s Tiger Lake and Elkhart Lake.

27th October 2020
DDR4 rugged SODIMM anti-vibration memory released

Apacer has released a robust DDR4 Rugged SODIMM anti-vibration memory module, which is targeted at defence and industry applications that suffer from high-vibration environments. It can help industrial vertical markets such as 5G base stations, energy exploration, wind power generation, aerospace defence, railways and transportation systems painlessly upgrade rugged applications to make them more robust.

16th September 2020
Apacer XR-LRDIMM anti-vibration server memory module

To aid the design of defence projects, Apacer has successfully developed an anti-vibration server memory for defence applications. It’s called XR-LRDIMM (Extreme Rugged Load-Reduced DIMM), and it features strengthened shock and vibration resistance and reliability.

21st August 2020
Collaboration to develop IoT smart device management

Apacer and Allxon have cooperated to develop IoT smart device management technology. Allxon Device Management, based on the Allxon open cloud platform, now includes Apacer’s Double-barreled Solution: Cloud Edition. From Disaster Prevention to Disaster Recovery, it allows industrial customers to remotely monitor SSDs and also provides warning/alert services as well as backup and recovery for data and the OS.

28th July 2020
Apacer announces tiny industrial-grade PCIe BGA SSD

Apacer has announced a tiny industrial-grade PCIe BGA SSD, adding another strong series to its high-speed PCIe SSD product line.

22nd April 2020
DDR4 anti-sulfuration server memory with high protection

The coronavirus-driven shift to working from home has meant rapid growth in the use of remote offices, remote learning and e-commerce. As a result, server memory is in great demand, thanks to the accelerated growth of data centres in many fields, from cloud computing to small- and medium-sized edge applications.

4th March 2020
Industrial-grade memory for 5G business opportunities

Apacer has announces the full-scale production of 32GB DDR4 industrial-grade memory. This is now available to global first-line SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN), and virtual router vCPE (Virtualised Customer Premises Equipment) customers. 

20th January 2020
Integrating IoT applications to make smart factories more efficient

Apacer has announced a new cooperation with Advantech. They will integrate Apacer's Double-barrelled Solution into Advantech's WISE-PaaS / DeviceOn IoT device management platform, making it easier for customers to manage critical storage. Data will be sent to the cloud for real-time monitoring, improving overall system operation efficiency. 

19th November 2019
XR-DIMM DRAM module with RTCA DO-160G certification

Apacer has announced the release of the XR-DIMM. This rugged memory module claims to be the first on the market to meet the exacting standards of the US RTCA DO-160G test, an aviation equipment certification that marks the XR-DIMM as resistant to high levels of vibration and therefore well suited for defence and aeronautical applications. 

13th November 2019
Pinpoint accuracy with 3D NAND Flash optimisation

NAND Flash has become a mature technology, and the varieties of formats that are now available are already adopted in many industrial applications. However, with the desire to go beyond the standard options, Apacer has developed certain optimisations of NAND Flash technology. 

28th August 2019
The next logical step for industrial-grade storage

The era of intelligent IoT is just around the corner. As 3D NAND Flash memory cements itself as a core part of this technology suite, PCIe and NVMe are becoming dominant due to their rapid, reliable transmission speeds. SSDs with these ports are rapidly going mainstream.

25th July 2019
Industrial-grade SSD functions in wide temperature range

Apacer is adding a new series to its comprehensive product line. The 3D TLC SV250 SSD is now available for buyers who need the highest performance in industrial applications. Made with original ICs from Toshiba, it offers capacities from 30GB to 960GB, and up to 3,000 P/E cycles. It has impressive sequential read/write speeds of 560 and 520MB/s, respectively. 

Events News
25th February 2019
Momentum for AIoT/IoT core applications

At embedded world, February 26th to 28th, 2019, Hall 1 / Stand 1-505, Apacer will showcase a full range of storage solutions developed for the AIoT/IoT market. IoT devices often have to run without interruption for extended periods, while still prioritising data integrity. Apacer’s latest products can easily handle long-term uninterrupted read/write operations, while delivering truly impressive cost-benefit results. 

21st January 2019
Industrial product identification to support smart devices

As the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G technology gradually integrate, a new data economy ecosystem is taking shape. As a consequence, Apacer has announced that it will launch its product identification ‘Apacer for Industrial’ in 2019.

23rd November 2018
32-bit DDR4 SODIMM supports industrial embedded systems

In view of the current trend in which ARM technology drives the development of IoT, mobile computing and automotive electronics, and the demands for economical, efficient and compact smart devices, Apacer, an industrial memory brand, has launched a 32-bit DDR4 SODIMM which supports industrial embedded systems using ARM/RISC processors or the latest RISC-V 32-bit processors. 

8th November 2018
Solutions to conquer the IoT era revealed at electronica 2018

Industrial storage and memory provider, Apacer, will participate in the electronica Expo 2018, showcasing the latest industrial products and technologies which include industrial grade 3D TLC NAND, TCG Opal 2.0, CorePower and rugged memory XR-DIMM solutions. Apacer will focus on six applications including IoT, server & networking, transportation, defence, gaming and healthcare. 

29th June 2018
Rugged memory for shock environments showcasing reliability

As applications of memory in high vibration and shock environments are becoming more diverse, Apacer, has launched the latest rugged memory module XR-DIMM, showcasing reliability and flexibility space usage in memory industry. 

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