Mass-production of DDR4-3200 memory modules

21st January 2021
Alex Lynn

Apacer has announced mass production of a full range of industrial-grade DDR4-3200 wide-temperature memory modules. They use Samsung’s original wide-temperature grade chips to support cutting-edge platforms including AMD’s Ryzen Embedded V2000 processor and Intel’s Tiger Lake and Elkhart Lake.

The memory module was designed to serve AIoT, edge system and high-performance computing markets that often face temperature swings in harsh environments, such as outdoor embedded and edge devices, networked communication systems, telecommunication systems and cloud equipment. This industrial-grade, high-speed and wide-temperature complete solution provides long-term reliability, stability and product life for the system, and will accelerate the realisation of AIoT and edge high-performance computing applications.

5G’s key features – high-speed transmission, low latency and multi-connection – have driven the increase in high-performance computing requirements for servers and edge systems. Chip manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA are actively deploying next-generation CPU and GPU solutions to meet market demand for accelerated AI and HPC (High-Performance Computing) parallel computing.

Since IoT terminal devices usually require low power consumption and compact design, the development of devices that can deliver 24-hour non-stop high-speed data processing and calculations while still generating and then dissipating heat presents a big challenge.

Apacer now offers a deep range of high-specification wide-temperature memory modules. Apacer claims to be one of the few industrial memory manufacturers that insists on using original factory-specification wide-temperature ICs, and strictly selects top-quality materials to ensure products operate smoothly at temperatures as low as -40oC or as high as +85oC.

Apacer has continued to invest in the three major aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance), and the goal of product development is to provide solutions for customers that will improve the use of energy and resources. Apacer drew on over 20 years of experience to create a full range of DDR4-3200 modules in the UDIMM, SODIMM, ECC UDIMM, ECC SODIMM and RDIMM form factors.

8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities are all available. Value-adding features such as anti-sulfuration, conformal coating and underfill can all be added to protect them from corrosion, moisture, vibration, dust and thermal shock. From end to edge to cloud, Apacer’s full range of wide-temperature memory modules will significantly improve the stability and reliability of systems for long-term operation in harsh environments.

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