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Apacer’s fully lead-free memory DRAM modules an ESG asset

27th March 2024
Kristian McCann

All DRAM modules currently sold in the EU contain components that have lead, despite the EU's RoHS Directive, which bans the use of lead in electronic devices but has previously granted exemptions for DRAM modules. 

These modules depend on the RoHS 7(c)-I exemption, set to expire in 2024, and the forthcoming 7(c)-V exemption, which will expire in 2026. The biennial revision of these rules poses a challenge for long-term production schedules, potentially disrupting them due to the need to replace non-exempt components.

Apacer has introduced a solution to this problem by developing the world's first fully lead-free memory modules. By substititing lead in the resistive layer with alternative elements and alloys, these modules do not rely on any RoHS exemptions. This innovation ensures that manufacturers utilising these modules are insulated from future changes in RoHS standards. This development is especially beneficial for products that undergo long certification processes and incur high initial costs, such as the latest AI and Edge servers. Products within the healthcare, telecom, and networking sectors are also poised to benefit from this advancement.

Jessica Yin, Assistant Vice President at Apacer’s Product Center, highlighted the proactive approach of Apacer's in-house R&D team in addressing market needs with innovative solutions.

Apacer's DRAM product suite is comprehensive and mature, with the Fully Lead-Free technology being applicable to various form factors including UDIMM, SODIMM, RDIMM, ECC UDIMM, and ECC SODIMM. These products are set to incorporate additional features such as Very Low Profile (VLP), wide-temperature operation, and anti-sulfuration, further making them suitable for demanding applications and environments. Apacer's commitment to environmental protection and sustainability is evident in its move towards ESG-friendly products, starting from the core of its corporate operations and extending to its partnership network.

The advantages of fully lead-free DRAM modules are significant:

  • Full compliance with EU RoHS regulations without the need for exemptions.
  • Elimination of the need for re-validation due to product changes following the expiry of exemptions.
  • A unique selling point that differentiates products in the market.
  • Strengthening of ESG practices and enhancement of corporate image.

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