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10th November 2022
AAEON de next-TGU8 for "next-gen" single board computing

Embedded systems and display solutions provider, RDS (Review Display Systems) has announced the introduction of a new single board computer from leading embedded computing platforms manufacturer, AAEON. The de next-TGU8 is a new compact, high-performance computing system with processing power of up to four cores, with eight threads, powered by 11th Generation Intel Core i7, i5, and i3 processors.

4th August 2022
Fanless Embedded Box PC supports visual displays up to 4K

AAEONs Boxer-RK99 available from Display Technology offers a HDMI 2.0 port to support visual displays up to 4K x 2K @ 60Hz, along with video decode and encode capabilities to enhance display output quality.

11th April 2017
Fanless box PCs utilise low power consumption

The BOXER-6403M/6404M series from AAEON are the slim, palm-sized and fanless box PCs utilising low power consumption Intel Celeron J1900/N2807 processors. These Box PCs provide fully integrated Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports enabling communication with up to four cameras, while featuring built-in digital I/O (BOXER-6403M only) to control lighting for machine vision applications.

3rd October 2016
AAEON joins the IQRF Alliance

AAEON, manufacturer of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms, has become a member of the IQRF Alliance.

1st August 2013
AAEON's launch 8.4” Panel PC

The latest offering in the line of cost effective Industrial Panel PCs is unveiled by AAEON. The compact size AHP-1083 HMI system delivers higher luminance, this durable and fanless 8.4” Panel PC is manufactured specifically for sensitive environments where quality is a prime issue and a winning combination of ruggedness, brilliant imaging functions makes it ideally suited for industrial and building automation applications and computing pe...

25th July 2013
AAEON launches the AEC-6401, a compact embedded controller

AAEON launches the AEC-6401 Compact Embedded Controller with energy efficient Intel Atom N2600 1.60GHz processor and Intel NM10 Chipset. System Integrators in fields of factory/machine automation, digital signage, home automation and environment surveillance will appreciate this controller’s highly-efficient design, which allows up to 2GB of DDR3 1066 SDRAM, a 12V DC power input, four USB 2.0, and one Gigabit Ethernet, one RS-232 COM and two RS...

10th June 2013
AAEON Introduces New Products Based on the 4th Gen Intel Core Processors

AAEON announces a new series of high performance, scalable and optimized low-power embedded products: COM-QM87, IMBA-Q87A, EMB-QM87A, GENE-QM87 and FWS-7810. Designed based on the 4th Generation Intel Core processor family together with the Mobile Intel QM87 Express or Intel Q87 Express chipsets, these products offer full-function availability, enhanced graphic performance and high affordability for customers to expedite graphic-intensive works.

8th May 2013
AAEON Introduces IMBM-Q67A, an Economical Premium Industrial Micro-ATX Motherboard

AAEON today introduced the IMBM-Q67A, a 2nd Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 Micro-ATX motherboard with RAID level 0,1,5 and 10 support for increased data storage reliability and performance. Fourteen USB 2.0 ports offer expansive connectivity and the system can be configured to use a SATA or USB port for a boot device.

3rd May 2013
AAEON Announces IMBM-H61A and IMBM-H61B Micro-ATX Industrial Motherboards with 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel Core i-Series Processors

AAEON today announced the IMBM-H61A and IMBM-H61B Micro-ATX Industrial Motherboards with support for both 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 processors with onboard Intel H61 chipset. The IMBM-H61A features one VGA , one DVI one Dual Channel LVDS port and one PCI expansion slot, whereas the IMBM-H61B offers two VGA, and one LVDS for dual independent displays and two PCI expansion slots.

25th April 2013
AAEON Releases EPC-CV1, a Cost-Effective Ultra-Slim EPIC Board Intel Atom N2600, Bottom Mounted CPU, GPU and Chipset for Efficient Heat Dispersion

AAEON today expands its line of ultra-slim EPIC form factor boards with the release of the EPC-CV1. At only 20.84mm thick (26mm with our reference heat sink), this compact SBC helps to maximize spatial efficiency in embedded systems.

9th April 2013
AAEON Releases DSS-CV20 and DSS-CV21 Compact and Networked Digital Signage Systems

AAEON today releases the DSS-CV20 and its fanless counterpart DSS-CV21 Digital Signage System with superb Full HD playback for a rich digital media experience. These compact systems are oriented towards cost sensitive businesses for applications such as Digital Signage and Point-of-Information, where high resolution video and reliable connectivity are paramount for enhanced customer engagement.

2nd April 2013
AAEON Releases the EMB-H61B Mini-ITX Embedded Motherboard

AAEON today announced the EMB-H61B Mini-ITX board based on the 3rd generation Intel Core processor: The high performance EMB-H61B supports 65W TDP, using the Intel H61 Express Chipset for highly reliable embedded systems.

12th March 2013
AAEON unveils FSB-B75G

AAEON today announced the FSB-B75G, an Intel 3rd Generation Core i7/i5/i3 LGA1155 socket PICMG 1.0 full-size Single Board Computer (SBC) with onboard Intel B75 chipset. Utilizing PICMG 1.0, ensures compatibility with legacy ISA and PCI interfaces, while the Intel B75 Chipset and 3rd Generation CoreTM processor utilize less power and enhanced graphics performance over previous generations.

1st March 2013
AAEON Introduces ACP-2153 Fanless Panel PC

AAEON released today a new 15” multi-touch rugged panel computer: ACP-2153 for the aesthetically conscious home and factory automation clients. This panel PC features waterproof and 7H scratchproof glass covered borders, allowing panel installation to match the height of the surrounding walls simply by adjusting the panel mount brackets for different wall depths.

19th February 2013
AAEON Announces NanoCOM-CV Rev.B COM Express Type 10 Module

AAEON released today the new NanoCOM-CV Rev.B COM Express Type 10 module with low power BGA type dual core Intel Atom N2600 1.6GHz processor. Complimented by the low power Intel NM10, the NanoCOM-CV Rev.B module boasts wider temperature tolerance and good performance, making it suitable for small form factor designs in thermal critical applications such as parking systems and home automation or computing intensive applications for medical, gaming...

15th January 2013
AAEON Announces High Performance Graphic-Rich TKS-G50-QM77 Embedded Box PC

AAEON today released the TKS-G50-QM77, a new high performance Embedded Box PC, based on the 3rd Generation Intel Core processor, which can greatly enhance features and improve performance for Industrial Automation applications, by increasing productivity and enhancing workflow while running sophisticated programs.

7th January 2013
AAEON Releases NanoCOM-CV Rev.A COM Express Type 1 Module

AAEON released today the new NanoCOM-CV Rev.A COM Express Type 1 module with low power BGA type Intel Atom N2600 1.6GHz Dual Core processor. Complimented by the low power Intel NM10 chipset, the NanoCOM-CV Rev. A module boasts wider temperature tolerance and good performance, making it suitable for small form factor designs in thermal critical applications such as parking systems and home automation or computing intensive applications for medical...

3rd January 2013
AAEON Introduce RTC-700A Rugged Multi-Touch Tablet With Android v4.0

AAEON announce the RTC-700A 7” rugged tablet has been added to its family of Rugged Mobile Devices. RTC-700A weighs in at only 570g (1.2 lbs) and is powered by the NVIDIA TEGRA Dual Core Processor running the Android v4.0/v3.2 (Ice Cream Sandwhich) operating system and an intuitive Graphic User Interface.

2nd January 2013
AAEON Introduces AIS-Series Advanced Embedded Servers

AAEON released today two compact and powerful Embedded Servers, the AIS-E1 and AIS-E2 ideal solutions for Building Automation, Factory Automation, IP Surveillance, advanced Digital Signage and Kiosks. Designed with upgradable socket type multi-core Intel Core iSeries processors under 45W, these embedded servers offer superb performance and multiple high definition video playbacks, while consuming very little power.

5th December 2012
Easy Management and Monitoring Application Programmes from AAEON

AAEON announces two application programs to provide customers with an easier way to manage and monitoring their deployed devices. The AAEON Hi-Manager program enables user BIOS-level remote management of their products when the user is not physically present at the site. The AAEON Hi-Safe program on the other hand offers a user-friendly interface to allow users ease in monitoring their devices.

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