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3rd December 2012
AAEON Announces the Palm-sized PICO-HD01, a Dazzling Fanless Pico-ITX Board with Great Graphics Performance

AAEON today announced the addition of the PICO-HD01 to its Pico-ITX board family. With onboard AMD G-Series processors which offer great graphics and 3D performance, the PICO-HD01 is an excellent choice for smart small form factor devices that delivers high quality video, including those used in Building Automation and Automated Pill Dispensers.

21st November 2012
AAEON announces the GENE-QM77 SubCompact board with 3rd Generation Intel Core i-Series Processors; GENE-QM77

AAEON released today two new Intel-based high performance GENE-QM77 3.5” SubCompact SBCs which can greatly enhance performance and provide new features for self-serving ATMs, Kiosks, advanced Gaming and Multimedia applications. These powerful palm-sized boards can also be adapted for networked Automated Medication Dispensing Machines and Smart Interactive Physical Therapy devices in hospitals and clinics.

12th November 2012
AAEON launches New COM-QM77 Rev.B COM Express Type 6 module

AAEON released today the new COM-QM77 Rev.B COM Express Type 6 module with low power 22nm monolithic BGA type Dual Core Intel Core iSeries processors. Complimented by the Intel QM77 PCH chipset, the COM-QM77 Rev.B module boasts superb graphic performance with hardware decoder and Intel Clear Video HD technology, making it suitable for medical, gaming and multimedia applications.

25th October 2012
AAEON release AHP-2176 Rugged Fanless Panel PC for Harsh Environments

AAEON today unveiled the AHP-2176, a new 17” rugged panel computer designed for cost conscious system integrators and customers. The AHP-2176 is an addition to the highly acclaimed AHP wide-temperature range (-20°C - 60°C) series which comes in three sizes – 12.1”, 15” and 17”.

9th October 2012
AAEON Releases AEC-6967, a Powerful Intel Core iSeries Fanless Embedded Computer for Extreme Temperatures

AAEON released today the AEC-6967 fanless embedded computer, powered by the Intel Core i7/ i5/ i3/ Celeron processor and Intel QM67 chipset, providing the best of both performance and rich I/O interface support.

8th October 2012
AAEON announces the RTC-700T Rugged Mobile Computer

AAEON today announced the addition of RTC-700T to its family of 7” RTC-700 series Rugged Mobile Computers. Weighing just under 700g (1.5 lbs), and running Microsoft Windows 7 or WES 7, the RTC-700T offers field service workforces the convenience unmatched by larger bulky tablets and rich features unparalleled by smaller handheld devices.

3rd October 2012
Manage and monitor deployed devices with AAEON Hi-Manager and Hi-Safe

AAEON has announced two application programs to provide customers with an easier way to manage and monitoring their deployed devices. The AAEON Hi-Manager program enables user BIOS-level remote management of their products when the user is not physically present at the site. The AAEON Hi-Safe program on the other hand offers a user-friendly interface to allow users ease in monitoring their devices.

2nd October 2012
AAEON unveils new FSB-B75H, the First Full-Size PICMG 1.3 SBC

AAEON today announced the FSB-B75H, the first Intel 3rd Generation Core i7/i5/i3 LGA1155 socket PICMG 1.3 full-size Single Board Computer with onboard Intel B75H chipset.

28th September 2012
AEC-6877 Unparalleled Powerful Fanless Embedded Computer

AAEON released today the AEC-6877 fanless embedded computer, powered by the 3rd Generation Intel Core i7/ i5/ Celeron processor. Using the latest Tri-Gate transistors and 22nm technology with integrated HD4000 graphics, the AEC-6877 provides nearly double the graphics performance over its predecessor complimented by the latest Intel QM77 chipset providing more I/O interfaces and faster connectivity.

25th September 2012
AAEON Unveils the FWS-7200 Rackmount Network Appliance

AAEON announced today the FWS-7200, a 1U rackmount network appliance built around the power efficient Intel Dual-Core Atom D525 processor and Intel network controller, supporting 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

24th September 2012
AAEON Announces New Feature-Rich HSB-CV1P Half-Size SBC

AAEON today announced a new Intel Atom D2550/N2600 PCI half-size Single Board Computer with onboard Intel NM10 chipset. The HSB-CV1P features the latest high efficiency Intel Atom D2550/N2600 dual core low power onboard processors, with Intel Hyper-Threading technology, integrated graphics for dual display support, and a maximum of 4GB of DDR3 800/1066 of system memory.

14th September 2012
AAEON Announces 21.5-inch Full HD Infotainment Multi-Touch Display: ACD-521D

AAEON today announced the ACD-521D, a slim 21.5” Full HD infotainment multi-touch display. With its Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch panel and IP65 waterproof front bezel designed using anti-scratch glass with hardness index greater than 7H, the ACD-521D is the product of choice for retail, hospitality and high-precision manufacturing.

11th September 2012
Rugged Stainless Steel Panel PCs for Food Processing Industries

AAEON has today unveiled the addition of two new models to its Rugged Stainless Steel Panel PC AFP-6000 series, the 15” AFP-6152 and 12” AFP-6123, providing an easy to clean and hygienic human machine interface for food and beverage industries.

11th September 2012
AAEON announce the EmBox TKS-E21-HD07 Fanless Box Computer

AAEON has unveiled the latest slim and fanless box computer, the EmBox TKS-E21-HD07, measuring just under 1U in height, and powered by the AMD G-Series T56N/T40N Dual core APU and the AMD A55E controller hub. The graphics performance/watt through advanced graphics and hardware acceleration delivers superb graphic performances, with additional boost capability enabled by AMD Turbo Core technology without additional power draw.

10th September 2012
Fanless Pico-ITX Board powered by the Intel Atom N2600 Processor

AAEON has unveiled its latest small form factor Pico-ITX board, measuring only 100mm x 72mm, powered by the dual core 1.6GHz Intel Atom N2600 low power consumption processor and Intel NM10 express chipset. The PICO-CV01 offers high performance per watt in the compact form factor, to meet the demands of high-end industrial and various fanless embedded applications.

10th September 2012
AAEON unveil the FWS-2200 network appliance

AAEON has today unveiled a new network appliance based on the Intel Atom D525 processor: FWS-2200. The FWS-2200 is a complete system solution that boosts high performance and efficiency for maximum firewall coverage. The FWS-2200 is a desktop 6-port network appliance with an integrated Intel ICH8M chipset.

10th September 2012
Energy-saving Mini-ITX Board with Intel 2nd Generation Core Processor

AAEON has today revealed the introduction of a new Mini-ITX board based on the 3rd generation Intel Core processor: EMB-H61A. The EMB-H61A uses a desktop CPU, enabling high performance at 35W TDP. The EMB-H61A is a new powerful Mini-ITX form factor with an onboard Intel Core processor i7/i5 and the Intel H61 chipset.

10th September 2012
AAEON Releases New Rugged Fanless Panel Computers

AAEON released today two new rugged panel computers: AHP-2122 and AHP-2153. The AHP wide-temperature series comes in three sizes –12.1”, 15” and 17”, and the 12.1” and 15” Rugged Panel Computers have been launched first.

5th September 2012
EMB-LN9T Rev.B features Expansion Flexibility for Industrial Applications

AAEON has today announced the release of a new Mini-ITX board for industrial applications: EMB-LN9T Rev.B. This low-powered board enables intense CPU usage at 13W TDP. The EMB-LN9T Rev.B can be equipped with a choice of processors such as the Intel Atom processors N455 or D525 supported by the Intel ICH8M chipset.

30th July 2012
AMD G Series-based EPIC board features a solid thermal solution from AAEON

AAEON has today unveiled a new EPIC board encompassing the AMD G series T56N, T44R or T40R processors with the AMD A55E chipset. With the APU and PCH on the solder side, this inverted design is a great thermal solution for system integrators. The T40R processor offers a wide operating temperature of -20°~70°C (-4°~158°F), while the T56N and T44R processors offer an operating temperature from 0°~60°C (32°~140°F).

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