AAEON Announces NanoCOM-CV Rev.B COM Express Type 10 Module

19th February 2013
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AAEON released today the new NanoCOM-CV Rev.B COM Express Type 10 module with low power BGA type dual core Intel Atom N2600 1.6GHz processor. Complimented by the low power Intel NM10, the NanoCOM-CV Rev.B module boasts wider temperature tolerance and good performance, making it suitable for small form factor designs in thermal critical applications such as parking systems and home automation or computing intensive applications for medical, gaming and industrial automation.
A wide temperature version (-40℃ ~ +85℃) for harsh environments, is available upon request.

The NanoCOM-CV Rev.B module measures at 84mm x 55mm and packs 2GB DDR3 800MHz memory onboard. Expansion interfaces include three PCI Express [x1], one SMBus and one LPC bus to connect to legacy I/O interfaces. Eight USB2.0 support, two SATA 3.0Gb/s interfaces with optional 4GB SATA SSD, one Gigabit Ethernet, support for two serial ports, one 18-bit single channel LVDS and support of CRT/LCD simultaneous/dual view display, Blu Ray Disk 2.0, High Definition Audio and 8-bit programmable GPIO, are just some of the rich features available on this small computer module.

“The NanoCOM-CV Rev.B module is a feature-rich board small enough to embed into many portable devices or products with space limitations. With our rapid and responsive design services, AAEON is able to enable all functions on the customer’s carrier board or offer customers customized boards, able to harness the rich functionalities of the NanoCOM-CV Rev.B,” said Ian Lin, Product Manager of AAEON’s Computer-on-Module Division. “With the processor TDP at only 3.5W, thermal designs are easily resolved, making the device more stable under harsh environments”, Ian adds.

A matching Mini-ITX carrier board, the ECB-917T-A10-01 is available for COM Express Type 10 modules upon request, for fast implementation and evaluation purposes.

Whenever a Microsoft Windows platform is used, customers can easily create their own user interface without additional coding, simply by downloading the AAEON-developed Hi-Safe program. AAEON offers customization services for system developers and supports all common operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7/8 and Linux Fedora.

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