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Freescale reveals new integrated technology for intelligent networking applications in automobiles

19th October 2010
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Freescale Semiconductor is introducing its next-generation technology to serve the fast-growing automotive intelligent distributed nodes market. Freescale’s new integrated LL18UHV technology, along with existing S12 microcontroller (MCU) system-in-package (SiP) product families, meet the technical and commercial demands of applications in which space requirements and cost need to be minimised, such as window-lifts, sunroofs and motor control.
Traditionally, automotive electronic designs have required multiple devices: some created with a high-voltage process to connect to the battery and power actuator outputs, as well as microcontrollers created with a low-voltage digital logic process. This poses a challenge when the end application has physical space limitations. Freescale offers customers two approaches to meet this challenge:

· Available today: SiP solutions that combine separate MCU and analog mixed-signal chips, fabricated in two separate processes, in a single package. These SiP devices are ideal for customers who need dual-die solutions where high current is required.

· Next-generation: A new, cost-competitive technology for monolithic devices that allows the integration of high-voltage analog, non-volatile memory (NVM) and digital logic on a single piece of silicon for certain applications that require less current.

“With the availability of our S12-based SiP devices and the announcement of our new LL18 UHV technology, we’re providing a powerful roadmap for our customers’ automotive car body networks,” said Ray Cornyn, director of Automotive Microcontroller Products for Freescale. “This new process technology will definitely push the limits of how we think about automotive body microcontrollers.”

Local interconnect network (LIN) connected nodes are the fastest-growing portion of the automotive networking market, and Freescale has responded to the market need with its next-generation LL18UHV technology. This technology uses Freescale’s reliable, low-leakage 0.18 micron fabrication process to combine non-volatile memory, digital logic and 40V analogue onto a single piece of silicon.

Freescale expects to develop an entire family of AEC-Q100 qualified products based on LL18UHV technology, with specific product announcements planned for next year. These products will integrate an MCU, automotive voltage regulators, LIN and CAN physical layers, motor drivers and more on a single chip to meet automotive-specific demands and save on overall system cost. These parts will also have a common CPU and digital peripheral set and common analogue characteristics.

Introducing MM912F634

The MM912F634 family – the latest devices in Freescale’s cost-effective S12-based intelligent distributed control (IDC) family of products – is now available. The MM912F634 family is AEC Q100-qualified and provides cost and space savings for window-lift applications. These SiP devices combine die from Freescale’s 0.25 micron SMARTMOS8 MV technology with an industry-leading S12 MCU.

Product features:

· Freescale’s high-performance 16-bit S12 CPU with 32kb flash memory and 2k RAM;

· An internal RC oscillator, two autonomous window watchdogs with dedicated oscillators and a real-time interrupt module;

· Cascaded low-drop-out voltage regulators (5V and 2.5V) with fault detection and low-voltage reset (LVR) circuitry;

· LIN 2.1 physical layer interface;

· Two protected low-side outputs to drive inductive loads, two protected high-side outputs, six high-voltage inputs (shared digital and analog inputs, with wake-up capability);

· Battery voltage sense with low-battery warning, reverse battery protection, configurable cyclic sense and a forced wake-up feature;

· Current sense module with selectable gain;

· Chip temperature sensor (readable via ADC channel);

· Hall sensor supply implemented as switchable 18V voltage regulator;

· Six digital (5V) general purpose input/output shared with SPI, three 5V digital/2.5V analog I/Os shared with 16-bit Timer, 2-channel PWM, 10-bit ADC and SCI with selectable pull-up resistor per terminal.

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