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MCU takes Kinetis device form factors to another dimension

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced an ultra-thin version of the Kinetis K22 MCU, integrating 120MHz of performance and a vast array of memories and interfaces into a package measuring only 0.34 millimeters in height. The device is suitable for applications such as chip-and-PIN credit cards, wearables and consumer electronics, where security and small form factors are essential.
4th December 2015

Processor can be operated with INTEGRITY RTOS

Processor can be operated with INTEGRITY RTOS
The TQ Group’s TQMa6xbased on the i.MX6 processor from Freescale can now be operated together with the INTEGRITY RTOS from Green Hills Software. The TQ minimodule and the INTEGRITY RTOS are suited for applications in which a high degree of safety is required.
25th November 2015

Secure MCUs address mobile point of sale market

Freescale Semiconductor announces that its Kinetis K8x MCU family, the industry’s most secure MCUs based on ARM Cortex-M technology, is now shipping worldwide in volume quantities. The company has also introduced the pin-compatible Kinetis KL8x family, which retains many of the same world-class security features, while leveraging the energy-efficiency of the ARM Cortex-M0+ core to address secure mobile applications including point of sale products.
18th November 2015

Development solution provides support for IoT device platform

Designed in collaboration with ARM mbed, Freescale Semiconductor’s popular FRDM-K64F board is available now with comprehensive support for ARM mbed IoT Device Platform technologies, including ARM’s new mbed OS operating system. Recognised earlier this year as one of the industry’s first development boards to fully support mbed, Freescale’s FRDM-K64F board enables end-to-end mbed solutions and works with a full complement of mbed technologies including the mbed OS, mbed Client, the mbed Device Connector service and associated mbed tools.
9th November 2015

Thread & Bluetooth Smart from a single wireless MCU

Thread & Bluetooth Smart from a single wireless MCU
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the Kinetis KW41Z – the industry’s first multi-mode radio MCU to support concurrent operation of IEEE 802.15.4 Thread and Bluetooth Smart/BLE connectivity while hosting associated applications. The Kinetis KW41Z MCU is a unique platform providing a comprehensive solution for applications and connectivity in a single package.
20th October 2015

System basis chips receive TÜV SÜD ISO 26262 functional safety assessment

Freescale Semiconductor announces that its analogue MC33907 and MC33908 System Basis Chips (SBCs) have received ISO 26262 functional safety assessments up to the ASIL D level from one of the world’s foremost automotive safety assessment organisations. The assessment was conducted by TÜV SÜD, an independent and renowned functional safety accredited appraiser, which assessed the Freescale products up to the most stringent automotive safety integrity classification.
2nd October 2015

Battery cell controllers support low cell count connected applications

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the MC33772 3- to 6-cell Li-ion battery cell controller, expanding its portfolio of highly integrated and connected solutions for reducing BOM cost, increasing operating robustness and meeting stringent functional safety requirements for automotive and industrial battery systems powering the solid-state Internet of Tomorrow.
16th September 2015

Migration to 16nm FinFET doubles performance

Freescale Semiconductor has disclosed initial details regarding the next generation of its successful QorIQ multicore processor portfolio, announcing it will drive innovation for the secure IoT on highly advanced 16nm FinFET process technology. The move to 16nm FinFET is expected to enable next-gen QorIQ processors to deliver double performance gains within the same power envelope relative to 28nm products.
24th June 2015

Multi-application MCUs offer integrated high security

Multi-application MCUs offer integrated high security
Freescale has announced the Kinetis K8x multi-application MCU family, delivering high levels of integrated security on an ARM Cortex-M class platform. Creating a secure embedded application has previously required a main processor, a security co-processor to perform cryptographic functions, and in some cases an IC for physical tamper protection. Kinetis K8x MCUs perform all of these functions for savings in cost, size and power.
24th June 2015

Automotive MCUs speed & simplify software development

Automotive MCUs speed & simplify software development
As silicon content and complexity continue to rise in cars, the future of automotive advancement increasingly depends on software. New vehicles commonly incorporate more than 100m lines of embedded code – more than most passenger aircraft. While offering exciting opportunities for innovation, software increases complexity and creates significant code maintenance and time-to-market challenges.
24th June 2015

MPU family incorporates the ARM Cortex-A7 & M4 cores

MPU family incorporates the ARM Cortex-A7 & M4 cores
At the 2015 Freescale Technology Forum, Freescale introduced the i.MX 7 series of power efficient APs, based on its successful i.MX platform. The i.MX 7 series delivers outstanding core power efficiency of 15.7DMIPS/mW, a Low Power State Retention mode (LPSR) of 250μW and the industry’s first general purpose MPU family to incorporate both the ARM Cortex-A7 and the ARM Cortex-M4 cores. 
23rd June 2015

QorIQ processors make networking more personal

As the world’s networks become increasingly virtualised, intelligence is being driven to the network’s edge, making access to personal data faster, more secure and more available. Implementation flexibility and ease of performance, delivered by the right mix of hardware/software processing resources and datapath offload, is paramount to enabling service providers and OEMs to deliver specialised equipment required for dynamic and flexible networks that are the backbone of the evolving IoT.
23rd June 2015

MCUs feature support for BLE & IEEE 802.15.4 applications

MCUs feature support for BLE & IEEE 802.15.4 applications
A wireless MCU family with support for Bluetooth Smart/BLE and IEEE 802.15.4 applications has been released by Freescale Semiconductor. The KW40Z MCUs integrate a 2.4GHz multi-protocol radio that provides the ability to access one BLE network and one 802.15.4 network from a single device while achieving strong RF performance and low current consumption. 
22nd June 2015

Steve Wozniak to host keynote at Freescale event

The IoT, semi-autonomous vehicles and smart cities take centre stage at Freescale’s signature event, the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) Americas 2015. One of the premier technical training events for the embedded design community, it will be hosted from 22nd untill 25th June at the new JW Marriot in downtown Austin.
8th June 2015

Valve controller SoCs enable connected hydraulic systems

Featuring high precision current measurement, SPI connectivity and functional safety management features for hydraulic and pneumatic systems control, the SB0410 and SB0800 SoCs have been introduced by Freescale Semiconductor. 
3rd June 2015

Freescale ships billionth copper wire component

Only two years after launching an ambitious initiative to expand and promote the industry-wide utilisation of copper wire assembly technology, Freescale Semiconductor has shipped its billionth copper wire component.
2nd June 2015

Transceiver adds connectivity to Kinetis 32-bit MCUs

Extending wireless capabilities to many of its popular Kinetis MCUs, Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 transceiver for home automation and industrial control applications. Featuring support for multiple wireless mesh networks, the MCR20AVHM can be paired with Kinetis MCUs based on ARM Cortex-M0+ and Cortex-M4 technology to implement low-power wireless protocols and applications including Thread, ZigBee and multiple proprietary solutions.
15th April 2015

Applications processor enters volume production

Freescale Semiconductor says it now has volume availability of the i.MX 6SoloX, applications processor enabling secure connected home, Internet of Things, and connected vehicles applications. The SoC incorporates cryptographic cipher engines and a configurable resource domain controller that allows peripherals to be locked or shared by the CPU cores.
26th February 2015

An overview of Freescale's Kinetis E series MCUs

Freescale's Kinetis E series is a portfolio of highly robust and efficient 5V MCUs, suitable for applications used in high electrical noise environments.
22nd January 2015

5W charging & side watt communications with portable devices

Built to automotive grade specifications, this Qi compliant wireless charging reference design charges up devices in the car.
11th December 2014

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