Thread & Bluetooth Smart from a single wireless MCU

20th October 2015
Barney Scott

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the Kinetis KW41Z – the industry’s first multi-mode radio MCU to support concurrent operation of IEEE 802.15.4 Thread and Bluetooth Smart/BLE connectivity while hosting associated applications. The Kinetis KW41Z MCU is a unique platform providing a comprehensive solution for applications and connectivity in a single package.

An expansion of Freescale’s Kinetis KW40Z family of wireless MCUs, the KW41Z MCU features extended memory - up to 512K Flash and 128K RAM - allowing multiple networking stacks to run on a single device and enabling true multiprotocol designs. The device also supports the latest Bluetooth specification v4.2, and offers exceptional RF performance with an on-chip balun facilitating wider coverage, better interference immunity, lower power and complexity, and fewer RF front-end components for a robust design.

“The powerful combination of multi-mode wireless connectivity support, optimised RF performance, and the ability to run our proprietary applications makes Freescale’s KW41Z MCU an exceptionally compelling choice for our next-gen end-to-end IoT solutions,” said Tolga Latif, CEO, Linx Technologies. “Freescale’s KW41Z MCU allows us to rapidly develop Thread-based IoT products featuring the latest functions, such as using BLE for sideband commissioning.”

The Kinetis KW41Z MCU helps transform a wide range of popular home devices such as thermostats, home security systems and door locks into advanced IoT systems by addressing multiple use cases in a single solution. The KW41Z MCU can run applications, add Thread connectivity, provide control of these systems with a smart phone or tablet via BLE, and use BLE to securely join devices to the network (sideband commissioning).

“Freescale is recognised as a longtime industry leader in MCU innovation, and we now are building on this leadership by redefining the state-of-the-art for wireless MCU connectivity,” said Emmanuel Sambuis, Executive Director, MCU and Connectivity Products, Freescale. “As the secure Internet of Tomorrow continues to take shape, Freescale is showing the way for the rest of the industry.”

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