12mm Size Insulated Shaft Snap-In Type Potentiometer for Automotive Applications

14th June 2010
ES Admin
With the RK12L115, ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE GmbH offers a 12mm size carbon rotary potentiometer with linear resistance characteristics. The robust ALPS potentiometer with a 25mm flat, insulated plastic shaft of 6mm in diameter is available as snap-in type for vertical PCB assembly. It has a compact, low profile design with dimensions of 12.0mm x 11.2mm x 7.5mm (W x D x H).
Despite its small size, the RK12L115 has a good haptic and features a large total mechanical rotation angle of 300 ±5 degree. The necessary rotational torque is 25±15mNm. The shaft stopper strength amounts to 0.5Nm and the push-pull strength is 80N. The potentiometer is available in various custom type versions with/without detent or with center detent. It is rated for operating voltages of 50VAC/20VDC and has a power consumption of 0.05W. The operating life is specified with 15,000 rotational cycles.

Further technical specifications include a total resistance of 10kΩ with ±20% tolerance and an insulation resistance of 100MΩ at 250VDC. The voltage proof amounts to 300VAC per minute. With an operating temperature from –40°C to +85°C, the RK12L115 is an ideal solution for automotive applications, e.g. car A/V equipment or air conditioning systems. Due to its high flexibility it can also be used in various other applications. The rotary potentiometer meets the RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) directives. It is available in minimum packaging units of 800 pieces.

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