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20th July 2021
Hands-off detection ECU for ADAS begins mass production

Alps Alpine has a developed an electronic control unit (ECU)1 for hands-off detection to support autonomous driving systems by distinguishing between variations in a driver’s grip on the steering wheel. Mass production began in spring 2021 and the plan is to gradually expand deployment to a range of vehicle models. To accommodate advancements in autonomous driving support and further contribute to safe and comfortable mobility, develop...

1st April 2021
5G communication module with C-V2X features

Alps Alpine has developed the UMNZ1 Series 5G NR Module for automotive use. Sample shipments began in March with aims to accelerate social implementation of 5G solutions for automobiles. Fifth generation (5G) mobile communications technology featuring ultra-fast speeds, ultra-low latency and mass connectivity has a vital role to play within communications infrastructure of future society.

17th March 2021
Compact waterproof detector switch lineup expanded

Alps Alpine has expanded its SPVQ8 Series lineup of compact switches for use in detecting the opening and closing of vehicle doors and has newly introduced the SPVQ8H Series. Alps Alpine’s popular SPVQ8 Series of compact detector switches are small and available in extensive variety.

20th November 2020
HAPTIC Reactor Heavy Type for powerful vibrations

Alps Alpine has developed the HAPTIC Reactor Heavy Type for powerful vibrations in touch feedback. Sample shipments, destined primarily for the automotive market, begin in October 2020, with a start to mass production expected in January 2021.

16th November 2020
High-accuracy positioning system evaluation kit

Alps Alpine has announced that it will commence supply of a High-Accuracy Positioning System Evaluation Kit employing a Bluetooth Low Energy chip in November 2020 in recognition of heightened positioning needs.

28th October 2020
Mass production of cellular V2X communication module

Alps Alpine has developed the UMCC1 Series Cellular V2X all in-one communication module supporting the domains of intelligent transportation, smart cities and autonomous driving. Mass production began in July 2020.

15th July 2020
Alps commences HSFPAR007A force sensor mass production

Alps Alpine has added a new model to its HSFPAR Series of force sensors. Mass production of the HSFPAR007A Force Sensor, Alps Alpine’s smallest, began in June 2020.

26th May 2020
Touchless control panel proposal with hygiene benefits

Alps Alpine has presented a new proposal in the form of a touchless control panel for situations when touching is undesirable, not possible or not allowed in settings such as medical or nursing care or public facilities. Market research is currently underway with an eye toward commercialisation in around 2021. 

7th October 2019
Strengthening HAPTIC-related product development

Alps Alpine, a manufacturer of high-quality electronic products, has entered a joint collaboration agreement with Immersion Corporation (San Jose, California, USA), a developer and licensor of touch feedback technology. Signed in September 2019, the agreement covers product creation relating to HAPTIC technology.

28th August 2019
Waterproof digital sensor measuring air and water pressure

Alps Alpine has introduced the HSPPAD143A Waterproof Digital Pressure Sensor for applications in wearable devices and IoT equipment. According to the latest data from the Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker released by IT research firm IDC Japan, the wearable devices market is expected to grow more than ten percent on average each year between 2019 and 2022. 

21st August 2019
New terminal shape for a thinner detector switch design

Alps Alpine, a manufacturer of high-quality electronic products, has developed a SPVQ8 Series detector switch for use in detecting the opening and closing of side doors, hoods and other vehicle doors. Electrification of vehicles is progressing and cars are becoming lighter. The electronic components inside them therefore need to be smaller and lighter, too.

12th August 2019
Push switch clarity realised with quiet operation

Alps Alpine has added a model with 0.9mm travel to its SKSU Series compact, middle-stroke TACT Switch lineup. The SKSUBCE010 realises push clarity along with quiet operation and a distinct click, suitable for automotive use. The newly developed product’s 0.9mm travel places it at the longer end of the middle stroke range. 

17th May 2019
Lens array developed with mirror for optical transceivers

  Alps Alpine has developed the FLHL2 Series Lens Array with Mirror for optical transceivers that are used, for example, in optical networks for data centres. The recent rise in application of IoT technology and Artificial Intelligence points to an expected threefold increase in global IP traffic between 2017 and 2022.

15th May 2019
Force sensor with high impact resistance designed for stylus pens

  Alps has added the HSFPAR004A Force Sensor to its lineup. According to the company, the sensor enhances impact resistance while maintaining the industry’s smallest size and offers high linearity and high resolution, which makes it suitable for use in stylus pens and other input devices.

11th July 2018
Keeping motorcyclists safe through the use of CI-ITS

Alps Electric has joined the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC), a non-profit organisation striving to enhance powered two wheeler’s rider safety through research and development activities on C-ITS (Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems) for motorcycles. Together with other companies of the industry and technology-related associations, Alps Electric will actively contribute to the development of a prototype integrating this system b...

14th June 2018
Alps Electric to exhibit for the first time at Sensor + Test show

At this year's Sensor + Test show, Alps Electric will be exhibiting for the first time. The show is taking place at Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from 26th-28th June, 2018. The Alps Electric booth, located at Hall 1, Stand 529, will exhibit its latest products and measurement technologies created with Alps Electric’s original technologies for automotive, healthcare, industrial and environment and energy markets.

22nd December 2017
Automotive switch enables high operating force

Japanese electronic components manufacturer ALPS Electric has developed the SKTQ series TACT Switch, which began mass production in December 2017. Today's automobile cabins are quieter than ever, as sounds like the noise of the engine running and the vehicle moving along the road have been reduced due to increasingly airtight chassis and the emergence of hybrid and electric vehicle technologies.

16th August 2017
Mass production of Liqualloy power inductor

ALPS Electric has developed the “GLU Series” Liqualloy Power Inductor. The product will contribute to energy savings in mobile devices fitted with OLED panels, for which demand has risen in recent years. Mass production already began in May 2017. Typical applications which will benefit from the new power inductors are smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices equipped with OLED technology.

28th March 2017
Surface mount switch well suited for wearable devices

  ALPS Electric has developed the 'SKTA series' Surface Mount TACT Switch with Projection (IP67 Equivalent), well suited for side controls on thin smartphones and other wearable electronics applications demanding compact dimensions and dust and water resistance.

6th March 2017
Long life and high operating force for automotive applications

Production of the new ‘SKPS Series’ TACT Switch, developed by ALPS Electric, began back in January, with Soft Operating Feel, which realises a high operating force together with a long operating life to make the product suitable for in-vehicle controls. Automobiles are equipped with a wide range of control switches that add to the comfort and safety of the vehicle. Typical examples are air conditioning controls in the centre cons...

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