Lauterbach and NanoXplore enable Space innovations

30th August 2023
Sheryl Miles

Lauterbach TRACE32 debug and trace tools now support NanoXplore’s latest radiation-hardened FPGA SoC, the NG-ULTRA.

TRACE32 support includes simultaneous debugging of all Arm Cortex-R52 CPU cores as well as non-intrusive CPU trace capture, profiling, performance analysis, and support of many RTOS to ensure the required quality of embedded designs for space applications.

NanoXplore’s NG-ULTRA FPGA SoC is designed for the space market, with the component’s high performance and radiation-hardened technology making it a prime choice for payload systems and platform applications. The NG-ULTRA contains four Arm Cortex-R52 cores with clock frequencies up to 600MHz and is able to run a wide variety of operating systems, from Xtrautum by FenTiss, with RTEMS or Linux partitions, to MPike OS by Sysgo and FreeRTOS. In addition to the SoC, a complete SDK is provided, containing a generic build system, ready-to-use drivers, and numerous examples, all on a widely accessible Gitlab repository.

Lauterbach’s TRACE32 enables hardware-accelerated debugging and real-time tracing of all the Arm Cortex-R52 cores. TRACE32 tools consist of the universal PowerView debugging and tracing software as well as debug and trace accelerator modules. While Lauterbach’s intelligent PowerDebug modules provide high available download speeds and small response times for efficient debugging and test automation, PowerTrace real-time trace modules provide full insights of what the CPUs are doing without impacting its real-time performance in any way.

Trace analysis including code coverage measurements can support in bringing embedded NG-ULTRA designs to market faster, safer, and more reliably than ever. Both partners have created a large number of scripts to unleash the powerful capabilities of TRACE32 combined with NG-ULTRA out of the box. This includes the ability to retrieve traces using either ETF, ETR, TPIU, and STM.

“Lauterbach’s PowerView IDE is fully compatible with NG-ULTRA, providing menus and interfaces specific to the SoC’s hardware blocks,” says Kassem Chouayakh, Embedded Software Manager at NanoXplore. “Our chip customers benefit from an amazing user experience and all of Lauterbach’s advanced features.”

“NanoXplore leads Europe in the design and development of SoC FPGA technology for space applications,” says Norbert Weiss, Managing Director at Lauterbach GmbH. “We are very excited to support highly innovative applications for space missions based on the NG-ULTRA chips with our world-leading debug and trace tools."

Lauterbach and NanoXplore have engaged in a strong partnership, developing together tools to better serve their customers.

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