Würth Elektronik expands its REDEXPERT online simulation tool

14th March 2024
Paige West

REDEXPERT, Würth Elektronik's online platform, has been enhanced with a new feature aimed at simplifying the integration of power modules into applications.

The newly introduced MagI³C Power Module Designer is designed to facilitate the seamless incorporation of a power module without necessitating extensive knowledge in DC/DC converters. This tool leads developers through each step of the selection and configuration process. It generates a design suggestion as a downloadable PDF document, complete with a comprehensive list of necessary components. Additionally, the platform offers the convenience of directly ordering sample components from Würth Elektronik.

When planning to incorporate a MagI³C power module into an application, the user-friendly interface of the tool efficiently navigates developers through the selection procedure. It requires input such as the application's desired input and output voltages and the load current. Following the provision of details on the need for galvanic isolation in the voltage supply, the tool proposes an appropriate MagI³C power module as a preliminary recommendation. This recommendation is then fine-tuned through the customisation of parameters, including potentiometers for output voltage, input and output capacitors, and the switching frequency. Utilising the specified application data, a simulation of the power module is conducted to evaluate its performance characteristics, such as efficiency, output-voltage ripple, and input-current draw.

The resulting design proposal not only aids in the development process but also streamlines the procurement of necessary samples directly from Würth Elektronik. The company ensures the availability of components for both pilot and serial production phases, offering direct ex-stock delivery without imposing a minimum order quantity.

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