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18th August 2023
Robust PFC chokes

The expansion of the WE-TORPFC inductor series, with 17 new parts, is now available from Würth Elektronik.

News & Analysis
3rd August 2023
Würth Elektronik publishes Application Note for interference suppression

Würth Elektronik has published a new Application Note: “ANP121 – Filter and surge protection for I²C-Bus”. In this new note, the supplier of electronic and electromechanical components provides valuable support to developers who use the I²C bus (Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus) in cross-circuit-board scenarios. 

6th July 2023
STMicroelectronics and Würth Elektronik cooperate for a high-performance power tool

Würth Elektronik and STMicroelectronics jointly developed a demo using a Würth power tool. The design, which efficiently drives a low-voltage brushless DC motor, is ideal for handheld power-tool applications.

Events News
21st June 2023
Passive components, connectors, and sensors

Würth Elektronik will exhibit at electronica China at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai from July 11 to 13, 2023. The company will showcase its latest products and solutions at booth D210 in hall 5.2H.

21st June 2023
Control plant growth from the Cloud

At the Greentech Festival in Berlin, Würth Elektronik demonstrated how wireless connectivity with an IoT-networked prototype of a digital greenhouse, can contribute to feeding a rapidly growing world population.

Events News
21st April 2023
World wide webinars see growth

For the fifth year in a row, Würth Elektronik is pleased to announce Digi-Key Electronics as the exclusive partner of their 2023 technical Webinars.

20th April 2023
Würth Elektronik offers WR-CIRCM12 M12-A circular connectors

Würth Elektronik offers a wide product portfolio of A-coded M12 circular connectors (DIN EN 61076-2-101).

Component Management
30th March 2023
Stabilise power converters in charging and photovoltaic systems

Würth Elektronik has announced a new series of film capacitors specially designed for DC-Link applications. The WCAP-FTDB series components can be used in the voltage range from 500 to 1200V and are characterised by high ripple current capability. 

Component Management
24th March 2023
Würth Elektronik introduces its toggle switch family

Würth Elektronik has introduced to its production toggle switches. Different versions of the switches are now available under the name WS-TOTV. The switches are ESD compliant to IEC 61000-4-2 and have undergone operating endurance testing under full load to prove their durability (electrical life: 50,000 steps).  

9th March 2023
Würth Elektronik introduces its WCAP-FTXH capacitor series

With its WCAP-FTXH THB X2 series, Würth Elektronik introduces its family of safety capacitors for interference suppression in mains filters.

News & Analysis
7th March 2023
Robust, EMC-safe, and cost-effective in-vehicle high-speed connections

Würth Elektronik has entered into a technology partnership with the Spanish semiconductor developer KDPOF.

2nd March 2023
Würth Elektronik introduces its REDFIT WR-WSP Crimp SKEDD direct connectors

The SKEDD connector family featuring patented Würth Elektronik technology has a new arrival: REDFIT WR-WSP Crimp SKEDD.

Test & Measurement
15th February 2023
Würth Elektronik returns to APEC

Würth Elektronik is excited to announce its return to the Applied Power and Electronics Conference (APEC) in Orlando, Florida, US, 20th to 22nd March 2023.

3rd February 2023
Würth Elektronik high current inductor for automotive applications

Würth Elektronik has introduced another AEC-Q200 certified SMD inductor: WE-XHMA features an extremely high current capability of up to 50.6A saturation current and the ability to handle high current transient peaks. Its design with flat wire coil and a composite core material ensures low copper losses and stable behaviour under temperature fluctuations.

20th January 2023
Würth Elektronik and Organifarm's BERRY robot

Würth Elektronik enables Organifarms’ BERRY robot to harvest 24/7 throughout the year

News & Analysis
19th January 2023
Electromechanics catalogue 2023 from Würth Elektronik

Würth Elektronik now presents its Electromechanical Components 2023 catalogue to download.

24th November 2022
Würth Elektronik offers WE-CAR-TEC snap ferrites

Snap ferrites have helped establish Würth Elektronik as an EMC specialist. Now the manufacturer is launching another line of retrofittable interference suppression solutions with AEC-Q200 qualification, as required for the automotive industry.

News & Analysis
14th November 2022
Würth Elektronik eiSos helps equip electronics laboratory

Würth Elektronik eiSos in Turkey is working in cooperation with Cube Incubation in equipping an electronics workshop in Teknopark Istanbul.

20th October 2022
Decoupling high frequency signals from a DC supply

Application notes from Würth Elektronik provide you with accurate information and practical tips.

News & Analysis
8th July 2022
Electrically small dual-band antenna with great performance

Würth Elektronik is now launching an additional multilayer chip antenna for the miniaturization of radio applications. Measuring just 40 x 6 x 5 mm, the WE-MCA antenna (7488918022) covers the 700 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 2690 MHz frequency ranges. With its hitherto unachieved form factor and slender profile, the antenna offers an excellent size-to-performance ratio.

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