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30th April 2019
Debugging a helix virtualisation platform via JTAG access

Manufacturer of micro-processor development tools, Lauterbach, has announced the support of Wind River Helix Virtualisation Platform (Helix Platform) with its TRACE32 JTAG debug tools. Helix Platform is an edge compute software foundation that runs multiple operating systems and consolidates mixed-criticality applications in a single platform, simplifying, securing, and future-proofing designs for various markets. 

2nd February 2018
Debugging solution extends kernel awareness for RTOS

  Manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, Lauterbach has announced that it has extended the kernel awareness for the embOS Real Time Operating System (RTOS) from SEGGER Microcontroller to the RH850 family of microprocessors from Renesas.

24th November 2017
Dev tools support high-performance RISC-V cores

Manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, Lauterbach, and SiFive, the first fabless provider of customised, open-source-enabled semiconductors, have announced the availability of Lauterbach’s TRACE32 toolset to provide debug capabilities for SiFive’s E31 and E51 RISC-V Core IP, based on the free and open RISC-V ISA. Lauterbach support for SiFive cores is the latest addition to the growing ecosystem of development tools to...

11th October 2017
Duo provide debugging technology for autonomous cars

Manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, Lauterbach, and QNX, have been working together to provide JTAG debugging capabilities for the QNX Version 7.0 software platform. The development team behind QNX 7.0 regards it as the most advanced and secure embedded operating system (OS) for the automotive industry. QNX Software Development Platform 7.0 (QNX SDP 7.0) is a 64-bit OS that builds on the proven reliability of QNX technology and rais...

15th September 2017
Debug tool offers FPGA integration

  Manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, Lauterbach, has announced that it has added an additional integration to its popular TRACE32 debug tool. The new integration allows the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite to share the Lauterbach JTAG connection to Zynq-7000 or Zynq UltraScale+ SoCs.

10th January 2017
Debug tools now support cores of ARMv8-M family

It has been announced that Lauterbach's TRACE32 debug tools now support cores of the new ARMv8-M family. These cores of the ARMv8-M family include the Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 core and have similar performance to the existing Cortex-M3/M4 devices, whilst offering low power performance and a small footprint.

Artificial Intelligence
31st October 2016
Debug support tool meets automative application requirements

Debug tool company Lauterbach has announced its support for Infineon's generation of the AURIX processor family. The AURIX TC3xx family of microprocessors has been designed to meet the requirements of automotive powertrain, safety and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) applications. 

20th July 2016
Advanced debug solution assists developers for multi-core devices

Debug tool provider Lauterbach has announced that it is now a part of the Marvell ecosystem for the ARMADA SoC product range. Marvell’s ARMADA SoC family will now be complemented by Lauterbach's tools which provide debugging solutions and will assist developers to set up complex, multicore, debugging scenarios involving OS awareness.

30th March 2016
Easily debug designs combining MIPS & ARM CPUs

Lauterbach has announced that they are making it easy to use Lauterbach’s popular TRACE32 tools to debug MIPS heterogeneous CPU based systems or systems that combine MIPS CPUs with ARM CPUs. Lauterbach’s TRACE32 is a set of modular microprocessor development tools that provides integrated debug environments for embedded designs.

4th March 2016
Lauterbach offers Windows 10 aware debugging on the ARM architecture

Lauterbach has announced that its TRACE32 development tool now supports Windows 10 aware debugging on the ARM architecture. Lauterbach's TRACE32 is an integrated, universal development system that can be connected to most work stations and can contain any combination of instruments which may be required for microprocessor systems development, including debugger, tracing tool, logic analyser, protocol analyser and sim...

28th October 2015
Debug technology supports TI's Keystone C66x DSPs

Lauterbach has announced that its TRACE32 debugging technology supports Trace for Texas Instruments KeyStone C66x DSP devices. The C66x series includes a wide range of high performance microprocessors. The processing capability of the multicore platform is designed to be optimal for applications in markets such as industrial automation, high performance computing, mission critical, video infrastructure and high-end imaging.

Events News
14th October 2015
Lauterbach to sponsor 2016 Embedded Systems Conference

Lauterbach has agreed to once again be a lead sponsor of the UK Device Developers' Conference, an event for engineers and software developers working in the development of intelligent systems and devices. The next Device Developers' Conference will take place near Cambridge on 27th and 28th April, co-located with H/WExpo, a conference for hardware developers.

20th August 2015
Debug tool tackles Hyperflash memory

Lauterbach is now supporting the Spansion HyperFlash memory with its TRACE32 tools. The HyperBus Interface was introduced by Spansion in 2014 as a powerful improvement on today's low pin count memory interfaces and has been broadly implemented by the system-on-chip (SoC) manufacturers.

27th May 2015
Debug tool integrates with test automation platform

Lauterbach has announced that it has been working with Vector Software to integrate its Trace32 debug tool with Vector Software's VectorCast test automation platform. The integration of these two advanced toolsets will enable development, test and certification teams to set and continuously collect practically unlimited volumes of test data from RAM constrained embedded systems.

Test & Measurement
26th January 2015
Debug tool supports latest Cortex-M processors

Lauterbach is supporting for the new LPC54100 Series of microcontrollers recently introduced by NXP with µTrace, a debug and trace tool for Cortex-M based processors. The LPC54100 Series is ideally suited for “always-on” sensor-based products.  The tool uses USB 3.0 for connection to the host and connects to the LPC54100 via Serial Wire Debug (SWD) interface.

Events News
13th January 2015
Debugging workshop slated for Device Developers Conference

Debug tool company Lauterbach is to present a half-day workshop at this year's UK Device Developers' Conference.   The “hands-on” workshop will guide developers in the development and debugging of Linux for high performance embedded systems and will explore how to approach a Linux project from the perspective of the development environment and debug tools.

24th November 2014
Lauterbach to sponsor Device Developers' Conference

Leading debug tool company Lauterbach has signed up to be a lead sponsor of next year's UK Device Developers' Conference, an event for engineers and computer scientists working in the development of intelligent systems and devices. The Conference takes place in Reading, Cambridge, Manchester and Uphall (Scotland) during May and June 2015 and is expected to attract more than 300 senior hi-tech developers.

Test & Measurement
4th August 2014
Software tool kit targets safety related systems

A Tool Qualification Support-Kit designed to help customers face the many challenges of software development for safety-related systems has been developed by Lauterbach for use with its TRACE32 code coverage analysis tools. The TRACE32 trace tools provide fast and efficient trouble shooting capabilities to detect complex errors that only occur under run-time conditions.

Test & Measurement
23rd July 2014
Time stamp feature enhances system performance analysis

Lauterbach has added a new feature to its Trace 32 trace tools that enable recorded program/data flow to be time stamped to allow an overall analysis of the system performance, as well as quality assurance features such as code coverage, cache analysis and timing analysis. 

Test & Measurement
7th April 2014
Advanced debugging on the menu at Design Developers Conference

German debug tool company Lauterbach will be hosting a half-day workshop entitled, “A Guide to Advanced Debugging” at the design Developers’ Conference series. This workshop will explain and demonstrate how the more advanced debug tools are enabling developers to produce higher performance code, whilst speeding up reliable code development.

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