Simplify Zephyr OS based development in microchip FPGA SoCs

5th December 2022
Beth Floyd

As of now, Lauterbach, with its TRACE32 development tools, also support the Zephyr OS real-time operating system (RTOS) when running on SiFive RISC-V CPUs implemented in Microchip's PolarFire FPGA SoCs (OS awareness).

Lauterbach’s OS-aware debugging simplifies development, because it allows to query and display all OS objects. Furthermore embedded developers can not only debug their applications running on Zephyr® OS at the highest speed, but also benefit from real-time trace for detailed timing and code-coverage measurements.

A total of five 64-bit RISC-V CPUs of type SiFive U54 or SiFive E51 are implemented in Microchip's PolarFire FPGA SoCs, which are fully supported by Lauterbach's debug and trace tools right from the beginning.

Lauterbach’s OS-aware debugging can query and display all OS objects such as task and their individual stacks, message queues, timer and more. Lauterbach‘s real-time Trace provides full insights of what the embedded system is doing without impacting its real-time performance in any way. For system profiling or safety certification trace analysis is essential. In many other use cases it can support in bringing embedded designs to market faster, safer and more reliably than ever.


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