Real-time imaging data analytics of multiple high-end cameras

22nd March 2024
Paige West

At embedded world, N.A.T. (Network and Automation Technology Corporation) is showcasing NATvision, a real-time, FPGA-based vision platform designed for high-resolution, advanced cameras, leveraging the MicroTCA standard.

This platform marks the first of its kind to fully harness the capabilities of AMD's (formerly Xilinx) ZYNQ UltraScale+ MPSoC FPGA technology for processing and analysing image data streams from high-performance video cameras.

NATvision provides a unified platform for developers and system integrators to efficiently handle imaging data from multiple high-resolution cameras in real-time. It surpasses traditional PC-based vision platforms by employing faster, more energy-efficient FPGA technology that can be custom-tailored to specific processing tasks and a variety of transmission protocols as needed. The platform's scalable design allows for the integration of up to twelve FPGA cards within a single system, accommodating camera connections with data rates up to 100GbE.

Live demonstration of capabilities

A live demonstration will showcase NATvision's performance in processing high-speed, high-resolution vision applications. The demo will feature real-time capture and visualisation of a ball's trajectory, using predictive calculations to initiate trigger signals for motion control systems. This allows for the precise identification and exclusion of defective goods from production lines. The demonstration utilises a 4K Ultra HD GigEVision camera, achieving resolutions of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels at frame rates up to 180 frames per second, with digital video data streams processed in the FPGA at speeds up to 35Gbit/s.

Versatile applications

NATvision's adherence to the open MicroTCA standard ensures a high level of modularity and flexibility in data transfer across the system's components. The system can be enhanced with additional processors and AI accelerators, supporting a wide array of applications from industrial inspection and quality control to security measures. It is particularly suited for high frame rate and resolution image processing in real-time scenarios across various industries, including aerospace, automotive testing, and medical imaging.

Technological innovations

The NATvision system can be equipped with up to twelve FPGA cards, with processing power scalable according to specific needs, ranging from 103,000 to 1.143 million logic cells. The system's design, including its proprietary GigEVision firmware, supports modularity for easy integration of different camera interfaces. Together with a GenICam-compatible SDK and sample applications, NATvision ensures rapid deployment and integration into existing software environments. In collaboration with partners, N.A.T. is further enhancing the system with AI capabilities, showcasing its demo system at partner nVent's stand at embedded world stand 211 in hall 1.

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