Moog launches series of direct operated valves

8th April 2024
Sheryl Miles

Moog is proud to announce the launch of two new direct operated valve series: the D93x Servo-proportional Valve Series and the D92x Proportional Valve Series.

Each series is designed to boost machine reliability and optimise costs for machine builders.

Product overview

The D93x Servo-proportional Valve Series comprises the D936 (ISO 4401 size 03) and D937 (ISO 4401 size 05). These valves are designed for 4/4-way operation with a spool operating within a hardened bushing and driven by a single proportional solenoid. This design makes them high-performing, high-response valves with the feature of a fourth safe spool position when de-energised.

The D92x Proportional Valve Series includes the D926 (ISO 4401 size 03) and D927 (ISO 4401 size 05). These valves feature a spool-in-body design for 4/3-way operation driven by two proportional solenoids. This design allows for higher flow rates compared to the D93x. In addition, the D92x offers an ensured centred fail-safe spool position and optional 4/2-way operation.

The innovative design of these two new series of direct-operated valves enables high tolerance to thermal stress and excellent vibration resistance. The integrated electronics enable for closed-loop spool position control, making these valves suitable for electrohydraulic control of position, speed, pressure, and force of an actuator in open – and closed-loop control systems.

The D93x and the D92x functionality, combined with a compact design, makes these valves easy to integrate. Thus, these valves are the ideal drop-in replacement on a variety of machines at an excellent price/performance ratio.


Both valves exhibit superior resistance to vibration, temperature, and contamination, making them especially suited for plastics machinery, heavy industry, die casting, the wood industry, and mobile applications. They are also ideal for applications requiring a high degree of precision control and dynamics, including metal forming and presses, gas and steam turbines, and test rigs.


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