SignatureIP announces early access to Cloud-based NoC design tool

25th June 2024
Paige West

SignatureIP has announced the early access release of its Cloud-based iNoCulator NoC design tool.

Hosted at, this platform stands as the inaugural Cloud-based solution for Network on Chip (NoC) design, essential for linking compute, storage, memory, and I/O components within semiconductor chips.

The iNoCulator tool streamlines the interconnect design journey from initial architectural exploration to RTL generation and physical deployment. Its Cloud interface provides quick setup and ease of use, while its advanced features help users swiftly identify the best NoC configurations to decrease costs and accelerate market entry.

Purna Mohanty, CEO, SignatureIP, said: “At SignatureIP we are making NoC design accessible, fast and configurable. Today’s chip designs are becoming increasingly complex, but our novel tool reduces the complexity. Because our tool is cloud-based, architects and engineers can get going quickly via a simple evaluation agreement, with no need for lengthy negotiations with their finance or legal teams, and no need to wait for IT to install any software.”

How iNoCulator functions

iNoCulator allows users to navigate the initial design stages, enabling alterations in NoC topology, adjustments in settings, and immediate simulation to refine the overarching chip design. By inputting desired parameters for power, performance, area, and timing, the tool suggests various topologies that can be fine-tuned rapidly to secure the ideal configuration. Intelligent automation within iNoCulator enhances many design processes, allowing for a custom-configured NoC presented in a comprehensible RTL format.

SignatureIP offers comprehensive support to assist customers in leveraging the tool's extensive capabilities.

Adaptability for complex designs

Processor-independent, iNoCulator works with architectures like Arm and RISC-V and supports integration with other chip components such as PCIe, CXL, and AI accelerators. This flexibility enables the design of sophisticated, high-performance heterogeneous system-on-chips (SoCs) suitable for applications ranging from data centre acceleration to Edge AI.

iNoCulator supports a variety of topologies and integrates with popular interface protocols such as AXI, AHB, APB, and SRAM, accommodating multiple protocols, bus widths, and power control schemes. It also offers features like globally asynchronous, locally synchronous (GALS) clocking and power island generation.

Ensuring high security, iNoCulator uses multi-factor authentication and stores each customer’s designs in a private, secure area, accessible only by the customer or by SignatureIP upon explicit request. The tool also supports multi-user collaboration for design teams.

Meet SignatureIP at DAC

SignatureIP will be present at booth 2544 at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2024, taking place from 24th to 26th June at the Moscone Convention Centre, San Francisco. Demonstrations of iNoCulator are available upon request by contacting

Pricing and availability

The iNoCulator platform is currently accessible at, with a complimentary two-week evaluation period available, which can be extended upon request. Post-evaluation, an annual subscription allows unlimited architectural explorations with full tool access and per design RTL downloads.

For further details, please visit

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