Lynred launches easy-to-use VGA LWIR thermal imaging module

18th June 2024
Paige West

Lynred announced the launch of the ATI640. This plug-and-play longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal imaging module offers VGA resolution, providing new market players with easier access to infrared (IR) technologies.

With its high image quality, reliability, user-friendly interface, and seamless assembly, the ATI640 allows system developers to integrate IR optronics without significant investment or specialised knowledge in optical design, sensor calibration, or image correction, which have previously been barriers to the wider adoption of IR technologies.

By simplifying thermal imaging, Lynred’s ATI640 reduces development time for system integrators, enabling them to focus more on innovation and product quality. This accelerates their market entry and enhances their competitiveness.

“ATI640’s plug-and-play solution makes infrared technology more accessible to new entrants in thermal imaging. In choosing this easy-to-use module, system integrators can speed-up their development of longwave infrared (LWIR) cameras and systems,” said Nadia Souhami, Product Unit Director at Lynred. “ATI640 is the latest in a long line of thermal imaging innovations Lynred has brought to the market. We are excited about launching this module at Eurosatory and showing the power of its embedded image processing algorithms, while limiting the power consumption to just 1W. Our solution can bring smart thermal imaging with competitive advantages to any market application, drones in particular, which is a fast-growing market.”

Key product features

The ATI640 is built on Lynred’s top-tier 640 x 480, 12µm pixel pitch sensor, designed with a SWaP-C (small Size, low Weight, low Power consumption, low Cost) core to optimise integration into optronic systems. The module is calibrated for shutterless operation, ensuring an uninterrupted video experience. Combining shutterless functionality with advanced image processing algorithms, the ATI640 delivers top image quality without compromising on SWaP-C requirements. Its 60Hz frame rate captures fast-moving targets and produces smooth video footage. The ATI640 is available with or without a lens.

Lynred will showcase the ATI640, along with other new products, at Eurosatory, booth 5A-C155, in Paris, France, from 17th to 21st June 2024.

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