Processor for digital TV broadcast capable mobile phones enables VGA-size video recording and playback

19th July 2006
ES Admin
Renesas’ SH-MobileL3V application processor is designed specifically for use in terrestrial digital broadcast capable mobile phones. The device enables smooth video display and recording - equivalent to that of a standard TV - and it facilitates the extraction of TV broadcast data and conversion to a JPEG image without loss of image quality. It also enables lower power consumption, and importantly, it provides the ability to customise mobile phones to achieve a market edge.
With digital broadcasting services being introduced in various countries throughout the world, the SH-MobileL3V supports systems such as DVB-H in Europe, DMB in South Korea, and one-segment broadcasting in Japan. Moreover, since the device’s VPU4 (Video Processing Unit 4) can also handle MPEG-4 processing, the SH-MobileL3V can implement a variety of moving image applications such as video mail, video phones, and video clips.

The SH-MobileL3V incorporates a VPU4 high-performance video processing IP. The VPU4 supports both the H.264 video compression standard used for digital broadcasting services, and the MPEG-4 standard used up to now for video, video telephony, and such like applications. The VPU4 performs almost all video processing by hardware, consequently, the CPU can execute other processing while the VPU4 is processing H.264-format video data, enabling the frequency to be kept low, and thus making it possible to achieve lower power consumption.

The device includes a camera interface that allows direct connection to a 5-megapixel-class camera module, together with image processing functions, and can perform high-speed capture of large-volume image data from a high-definition camera, and versatile image processing.

The SH-MobileL3V incorporates an SH-MobileL3V core, offering ample performance for operating a browser or ESG for digital broadcasting services or similar digital TV capability. Also included is a 24-bit LCD interface supporting a 16.78 million colour LCD panel, together with high-image-quality compensation functions, enabling a variety of high-quality displays to be implemented.

Product named SH7354, the SH-MobileL3V uses a 281-pin CSP package measuring 9 mm × 11 mm × 1.4 mm, with 0.5 mm pin pitch, and sample shipments begin in August 2006.

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