MCUs deliver clock rates from 72MHz to 200MHz

24th April 2024
Mick Elliott

Nuvoton has concentrated on the development of microcontrollers since the company was founded in 2008 (as a spin-off from Winbond Electronics).

Starting with the 8051 MCUs, which had their roots in Winbond times (W77/W78), the Cortex-M architecture was already in use at Nuvoton from an early stage.

Today, Nuvoton covers the entire performance spectrum with Cortex-M0, M23, M4 and M7 microcontrollers.

The company offers both 5V and 3V devices. The flash memory sizes from 40kB to 2.5MB and clock rates from 72MHz to 200MHz cover a wide range. Nuvoton currently lists almost 150 different derivatives based on the Cortex-M4 core.

With a clock rate of up to 72MHz and flash sizes of up to 256kB, the M45x devices represent the basis for industrial applications. PWM with up to 144MHz, 1Msps 12-bit DAC and ADC, USB2.0 Full Speed Device & Host as well as CAN 2.0B can be found here. All MCUs of this sub-family support an external Quad-SPI Flash.

The newer M471 family offers clock rates up to 120MHz, flash sizes up to 512kB, an extended operating temperature range from -40°C to +105°C as well as 16-bit PWM resolution, 12-bit ADC @1.8Msps. USB High-Speed Host & Device is available on the M/R1/S types.

All M471s are supported by Nuvoton’s IEC60730-1 Class B Software Text Library (STL). With an ESD strength of 8kV (HBM) and 4.4kV (EFT) as well as wide pin pitch derivatives (0.8mm), Nuvoton supports the development of robust white goods and other household appliances.

The KM1M4BF Series which runs at up to 120MHz was specially developed for motor control applications.

Features include:

  • up to 4 comparators
  • 3 parallel ADC units up to 2Msps
  • one 10-bit DAC and six 8-bit DACs
  • 8 complex PWM units for motor control or power control

In addition, a variety of options for self-diagnostics & malfunction detection have been integrated (Flash-ECC, WDT, Clock Monitoring, A/D Fault Diagnostics, Power Supply Voltage Detect, IO-level Monitoring and more). The extended operating temperature range extends from -40°C to +110°C.

The microcontrollers are available at distributor Ineltek.

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