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The merger in April 2010 between NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology has given birth to Renesas Electronics.
As a semiconductor manufacturer, we strive to be the first to meet the needs of our customers worldwide with the aim of becoming one of their most trusted partners.

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29th June 2022
Advanced electronics for India and emerging markets

Renesas Electronics announced a strategic partnership with Tata Motors Ltd. (TML) and Tejas Networks Ltd. (Tejas), both Tata Group companies, on the design, development, and manufacturing of Renesas’ semiconductor solutions for enhancing innovation across electronics systems for the Indian and emerging markets.

Tech Videos
22nd June 2022
Digi-Key at Embedded World 2022 with Renesas Electronics

At Embedded World 2022, on the Digi-Key booth, Paige West speaks with Mohammed Dogar, Vice President, Head of Global Business Development & Ecosystem and Roger Wendelken, Sr. VP MCU Business Division at Renesas Electronics about its RA Family of Arm Cortex-M based MCUs and AI and ML solutions.

22nd June 2022
IoT application sensor solutions announced by Renesas

Renesas's new solutions, which will be demonstrated at the Sensors Converge Exhibition and Trade Show, are targeted at providing designers with faster design cycles, improved accuracy, and reduced system cost in sensor-connected Internet of Things applications.

16th June 2022
Renesas develops circuit tech for 22-nm Embedded STT-MRAM

Renesas Electronics Corporation, has announced that it has developed circuit technologies for an embedded spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive random-access memory test chip with fast read and write operations fabricated using a 22-nm process.

15th June 2022
Cellular-to-Cloud IoT development platforms powered by RA and RX MCU families

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced two new cloud development kits, CK-RA6M5 and CK-RX65N, providing a complete connectivity solution for the RA and RX Families of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs).

10th June 2022
Series 8 – Episode 1 – 5G and the IoT for smart buildings

Paige West talks with Thomas Gere, Senior Business Development, Industrial 5G Edge Computing, Renesas Electronics about 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) for smart cities and buildings.

7th June 2022
Renesas releases Its RZ/T2M motor control MPU

Combines motor control and TSN-Compliant industrial ethernet network on a single-chip while also supporting functional safety.

6th June 2022
Renesas introduces complex device driver software

Renesas introduces complex device driver software to ease development of battery management systems for electric vehicles new software complements Li-Ion battery manager IC to enable ASIL D-compliant designs.

26th April 2022
Renesas debuts automotive ECU virtualisation solution platform

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced an integrated automotive ECU Virtualisation Platform that enables designers to integrate multiple applications into a single ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that are safely and securely separated from each other to avoid interference.

Mixed Signal/Analog
14th April 2022
Renesas introduces PCIe Gen6 clock buffers and multiplexers

Renesas has introduced its clock buffers and multiplexers that meet stringent PCIe Gen6 specifications.

8th April 2022
Wireless charging integrated in pen solutions

Renesas, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced that its wireless power charging technology is integrated in the Active ES pen solutions from Wacom, a leader in cutting-edge digital pen and ink solutions.

News & Analysis
7th April 2022
10 combinations integrating Celeno and Renesas products

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced 10 new combinations that combine Wi-Fi 6 and 6E chipsets from recently acquired Celeno Communications with a broad range of solutions from Renesas including embedded processing, analog, power, timing and connectivity. The new combos include solutions for IoT, Industrial, Infrastructure and other applications.

15th March 2022
Renesas releases WPC Qi 1.3-certified reference design

Renesas Electronics has released a next-generation customer reference design for automotive wireless charging stations. The new P9261-3C-CRBv2 provides industry-leading features that enable automotive manufacturers to quickly and efficiently deliver premium performance and safety features for in-cabin wireless charging.

15th March 2022
SEGGER announces that Renesas has licensed emWin

SEGGER has announced that Renesas Electronics has extended its license for emWin, SEGGER's graphical user interface library, for its entire family of RX microcontrollers. This license enables RX customers to design, develop, and produce GUI-driven applications without extra cost on any RX microcontroller, using the industry-leading embedded GUI product from the Embedded Experts.

Test & Measurement
9th March 2022
SIL3 certified self-test software for RA and SIL3

Renesas Electronics Corporation. a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced availability of functional safety solutions that meet the IEC 61508 standard for both its RA and RX Families of microcontrollers.

8th March 2022
R-Car V4H for automated driving level 2+ / level 3

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced the R-Car V4H system on chip (SoC) for central processing in advanced driver-assistance (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) solutions. The R-Car V4H achieves deep learning performance of up to 34 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second), enabling high-speed image recognition and processing of surrounding objects by automotive cameras, radar, and lidar.

2nd March 2022
Renesas and Fixstars to establish automotive SW platform lab

Renesas and Fixstars have announced announced their intention to collaborate in the automotive deep learning field.

24th February 2022
Renesas develops Bluetooth Low Energy RF transceiver technologies

Renesas Electronics, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced the development of two 2.4GHz RF transceiver technologies that support the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) low-power, near-field communication standard.  

17th February 2022
Renesas and AVL collaborate on customer support for functional safety

Renesas and AVL have announced their collaboration to deliver customer support for the development of electronic control units (ECUs) that comply with the ISO 26262 international standard for automotive functional safety.

20th January 2022
Renesas ships 1 billion device of 32-bit microcontrollers

Renesas Electronics Corporation a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has announced that it has delivered more than one billion microcontrollers from the RX Family of 32-bit MCUs, which incorporate Renesas' proprietary RX CPU core.

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