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The merger in April 2010 between NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology has given birth to Renesas Electronics.
As a semiconductor manufacturer, we strive to be the first to meet the needs of our customers worldwide with the aim of becoming one of their most trusted partners.

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25th March 2020
Accurate analogue evaluation for industrial automation

Renesas Electronics has introduced a new Renesas Solution Starter Kit (RSSK) for developers working with the 32-bit RX23E-A microcontroller (MCU), which according to the company, features one of the most highly accurate Analogue Front Ends (AFE) in the industry.

20th March 2020
G-SHOCK watch features Renesas low power consumption

Renesas Electronics has announced that Casio Computer has adopted a Renesas ultra-low power consumption RE Family controller as the main controller of the new Casio G-SHOCK watch GBD-H1000 with heart rate monitor and GPS functionality, unveiled on 26th February, 2020.

13th March 2020
Portfolio expanded with wireless single-chip solution

Renesas has announced that its RL78/G1H-based sub-gigahertz (sub-GHz) wireless single-chip solution has received certification under the Wireless Smart Ubiquitous Network for Field Area Network profile (Wi-SUN FAN) which is one of the communication standards established by the Wi-SUN Alliance.

12th March 2020
Next-gen 5G radios for beamforming and MIMO applications

Renesas has introduced a next-generation wideband mmWave synthesiser with the highest performance and a set of features optimised for 5G and broadband wireless applications.

11th March 2020
Low noise amplifiers improve transmit efficiency

Renesas Electronics has expanded its portfolio of mmWave solutions with the introduction of two new IC families for satellite communications (Satcom), radar, and phased array applications. 

18th February 2020
Smart cooking sensor identifies bad indoor air quality

Renesas Electronics has announced the ZMOD4410 gas sensor is at the heart of the Safera Sense smart cooking sensor. The ZMOD4410 sensor enables the Safera Sense to determine when airborne concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and CO2 in users’ kitchens are at unhealthy levels.

17th February 2020
Bringing secure ultra-wideband solutions to market

Renesas Electronics and 3db Access AG, a fabless semiconductor company specialising in secure Ultra-WideBand (UWB) low power chips, jointly announced that Renesas will license 3db UWB technology and will collaborate to bring secure access solutions to the connected smart home, IoT, Industry 4.0, mobile computing, and connected vehicle applications.

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13th February 2020
Partnership to bring NFC tech solutions to IoT market

Renesas and Panthronics jointly announced they are collaborating to bring suitable solutions to the consumer, industrial, and IoT markets. The collaboration realises technical leadership in performance, size reduction, lower BOM and power consumption, while offering OEMs faster time to market.

30th January 2020
Low dropout regulator designed for satellite power applications

Renesas Electronics has announced the first single-chip synchronous buck and low dropout (LDO) regulator targeting low power FPGAs, DDR memory and other digital loads for spaceflight payload applications. The ISL70005SEH is the only Point-of-Load (POL) power solution that reduces Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) by integrating a synch buck and LDO in one monolithic IC.

24th January 2020
Accurate cell measurement in battery management systems

  Automotive battery management system (BMS) design has evolved as battery chemistry, reliability and technology have stabilised, writes Niall Lyne, senior product line director in the Automotive Business Unit at Renesas Electronics

8th January 2020
Power supply design for automotive surround view camera systems

Renesas has announced the ISL78083, a highly integrated power management IC (PMIC) that simplifies power supply design for use in multiple HD camera modules, reducing development cycles, BoM cost and supply chain risks. The automotive camera PMIC accepts direct-from-battery (36-42V) or power-over-coax (15-18V) supply sources and supports output currents up to 750mA per output. This power level offers ample headroom for existing image se...

7th January 2020
High efficiency power management IC adopted in AI products

Renesas has announced its ISL91301B Power Management IC (PMIC) is designed into the latest Google Coral products. They include the Mini PCIe Accelerator, M.2 Accelerator A+E Key, M.2 Accelerator B+M Key, and System-on-Module (SoM). Google Coral integrates seamlessly into processes at any scale, helping designers create a variety of local Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for several industries.

17th December 2019
Power solutions support devices for cloud edge applications

Renesas has announced that its power solutions, as well as timing solutions from IDT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renesas, support the Xilinx Versal Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) devices featured on the Xilinx VCK190 evaluation kit and the Renesas VERSALDEMO1Z power reference board. Built on 7nm process technology, according to the company, Versal is the industry's first ACAP platform that addresses the needs of a ...

12th December 2019
Using a phone as a wireless power transmitter

WattShare enables smart devices, such as smartphones, to charge wirelessly and then, to provide power wirelessly to accessory devices, such as smart watches and wearable devices, and earbud cases.

12th December 2019
Photocouplers designed for industrial automation applications

Renesas has announced five new 8.2mm creepage photocouplers that are, according to the company, the world’s smallest isolation devices for industrial automation equipment and solar inverters. With a package width of 2.5mm, the RV1S92xxA and RV1S22xxA photocouplers reduce PCB mounting area by 35% compared to competitive couplers. They help designers shrink equipment size, increase robot axes, and improve factory floor productivity.

5th December 2019
Low power prototyping board to simplify IoT endpoint equipment

Renesas has launched a low cost, function-rich board to enable rapid product development for IoT endpoint equipment, it is called the RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board. Quicker development prototyping and lower costs give users the agility to respond to rapid changes in technology and market needs, and reduces the time to market window for new products.

4th December 2019
Enhanced security for Bluetooth 5 Connections with microcontroller

Renesas has introduced the RX23W - a 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) featuring Bluetooth 5.0 for IoT endpoint devices such as home appliances and healthcare equipment. By combining Bluetooth 5.0 with Renesas’ Trusted Secure IP on its popular high performance RX MCU family, Renesas offers customers an optimised single-chip solution for system control and wireless communication, while also providing a more secure way to answer the Blue...

29th November 2019
TSN enables seamlessly linked interoperation between IT and OT

  Renesas has announced the development of the R-IN32M4-CL3 IC for industrial Ethernet (IE) communication. Renesas’ latest industrial network device heralds support for CC-Link IE Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), a communication standard for next-gen Ethernet TSN technology.

28th November 2019
Silicon solution delivers easy integration

Renesas has recently introduced the ASI4U-V5 ASSP - according to the company it is the industry’s first silicon solution to fully implement the ASi-5 (Actuator Sensor Interface version specification version 5) standard for industrial network equipment. ASi-5 offers performance and usability over ASi-3, delivering 1.27 ms cycle time, 200m cable length and 96 slaves per segment.

27th November 2019
Microcontroller ecosystem expands with ready to use partner solutions

Renesas has announced the first ten ready to use partner solutions that support the RA MCU Family of 32-bit Arm Cortex-M MCUs. RA MCUs deliver optimised performance and ease of use with the Flexible Software Package (FSP) and partner building block solutions that work out-of-box to address a range of IoT endpoint and edge applications.

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