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The merger in April 2010 between NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology has given birth to Renesas Electronics.
As a semiconductor manufacturer, we strive to be the first to meet the needs of our customers worldwide with the aim of becoming one of their most trusted partners.

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15th December 2022
Renesas and Fixstars to develop tools suite

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, and Fixstars Corporation, a global specialist in multi-core CPU/GPU/FPGA acceleration technology, has announced the joint development of a suite of tools that allows optimisation and fast simulation of software for autonomous driving (AD) systems and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) specifically designed for the R-Car system-on-chip (SoC) devices fro...

12th December 2022
Renesas wins award by Global Semiconductor Alliance

Renesas has announced it has received this year’s “Outstanding Asia-Pacific Semiconductor Company Award” by the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA).

30th November 2022
Renesas’ new programmable clock generator

Renesas Electronics, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, introduced the VersaClock 7 clock generators, a family of configurable clock generators with an internal crystal oscillator for PCIe and networking applications in high-end computing, wired infrastructure and data centre equipment.

Aerospace & Defence
22nd November 2022
Renesas’ radiation-hardened ICs lift off inboard Artemis 1 mission

Renesas has announced that hundreds of its radiation-hardened (rad-hard) integrated circuits (ICs), including over 50 different part numbers, are onboard the Artemis 1 launch that blasted off on November 16.

22nd November 2022
Renesas unveils family of automotive radar transceivers

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, is entering the automotive radar market with the introduction of a 4x4-channel, 76-81GHz transceiver designed to meet the demanding requirements of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and Level 3 and higher autonomous driving applications.

22nd November 2022
Renesas expands its low-power WAN product line

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, is expanding its low-power WAN product line as part of its strategy to deliver connectivity devices used for smart cities, smart homes, medical devices and industrial applications.

22nd November 2022
Renesas' new advanced Wi-Fi plans

Renesas unveiled plans to deliver a comprehensive set of advanced Wi-Fi offerings to complement its broad portfolio of Industrial and IoT products. Renesas completed its acquisition of Celeno last year and is leveraging that technology to address a wide range of Wi-Fi client and access point applications for Wi-Fi 6/6E and Wi-Fi 7.

10th November 2022
RISC-V: open standard instruction set architecture

The two main CPU architectures commonly used in PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and embedded devices around the world are x86 and ARM

8th November 2022
Renesas Ready Partner Network extends across all MCUs and MPUs

Renesas Electronics, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has expanded the ‘Renesas Ready Partner Network’ to include commercial-grade, performance-optimised building blocks for its RZ Family of microprocessors (MPUs), featuring 106 new partners and 160 building block solutions.

2nd November 2022
Power management IC for automotive camera applications

Renesas has unveiled an innovative automotive power management IC (integrated circuit) (PMIC) for next-generation automotive imaging systems. The RAA271082 is a versatile ISO-26262 compliant multi-rail power IC with a primary high voltage synchronous buck regulator, two secondary low voltage synchronous buck regulators, and a low voltage LDO regulator.

Artificial Intelligence
29th September 2022
Renesas expands RZ/V series with built-in vision AI accelerator

Renesas has expanded its AI-capable RZ/V Series of microprocessors (MPUs), with a device that enables AI processing of image data from multiple cameras, offering a new level of highly accurate image recognition for vision AI applications.

29th September 2022
ClockMatrix System Synchroniser delivers Class D compliance for O-RAN S-Plane

Renesas Electronics, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has announced that its 8A34001 System Synchroniser for IEEE 1588 is being used within the AMD Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC DFE ZCU670 Evaluation Kit and reference design for 5G Next-Gen Radio (5G NR).

28th September 2022
Renesas enables automotive software development without hardware

Renesas Electronics, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor innovations, has launched an integrated development environment that allows engineers to rapidly create software for automotive ECUs (Electronic Control Units) containing multiple hardware devices.

15th September 2022
Renesas’ Resolver 4.0 catalogue offers market-ready inductive position sensor designs

Renesas Electronics, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has released a catalogue of reference designs for its innovative inductive position sensors aimed at automotive and industrial electric motors.

8th September 2022
Renesas extends RISC-V embedded processing portfolio

Renesas Electronics Corporation introduced the industry’s first RISC-V MCU specifically optimised for advanced motor control systems.

News & Analysis
2nd September 2022
Renesas acquires 4D imaging radar solutions developer

Renesas is buying Steradian Semiconductors Private Limited (“Steradian”), a fabless semiconductor company based in Bengaluru, India, that provides 4D imaging radar solutions, in an all-cash transaction.

Eco Innovation
31st August 2022
Renesas unveils Si IGBTs for electric vehicle inverters

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced the development of a new generation of Si-IGBTs (Silicon Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) which will be offered in a small footprint while providing low power losses.

23rd August 2022
Suntan monitor: controlling UV exposure

Acquiring a suntan is important for the human body as it facilitates the production of vitamin D. Additionally, sunlight has an antibacterial effect. Nevertheless, it can also harm the body when someone stays in the intense sunlight for a long period of time.

9th August 2022
Renesas’ RZ/N2L MPUs simplify implementation of network functionality in industrial equipment

Renesas has announced the RZ/N2L microprocessor units (MPUs) for industrial Ethernet communication that make it easy to add network functionality to industrial equipment and devices.

5th August 2022
Microprocessors boost RTOS for HMI

A group of microprocessors (MPU) that enables both a high-definition human-machine interface (HMI) and quick startup for applications that require high throughput and real-time capabilities has been released by Renesas.

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