Octavo Systems unveils the OSD32MP2 series

9th April 2024
Harry Fowle

Octavo Systems has announced the launch of its OSD32MP2 family, featuring two System-in-Package (SiP) modules: the OSD32MP2 and OSD32MP2-PM.

Designed to leverage the advanced capabilities of the new STM32MP25 processor from STMicroelectronics, this family is set to transform electronics design by significantly reducing complexity, size, and total cost of ownership., this family is set to transform electronics design by significantly reducing complexity, size, and total cost of ownership.

A tailored solution for every design challenge

  • The OSD32MP2 family caters to a diverse range of applications, from industrial automation to consumer electronics, offering unparalleled processing power, connectivity, and security features. The series includes:
  • OSD32MP2: A comprehensive SiP solution integrating the STM32MP2 processor, DDR4 memory, power management (STMPMIC2), EEPROM, oscillators, and passives into a 21mm x 21mm BGA package. This module is designed for designers seeking a straightforward, efficient path to harnessing the full capabilities of the STM32MP2.
  • OSD32MP2-PM: A streamlined module focusing on the essential integration of the STM32MP2 processor and DDR4 memory in a compact 9mm x 14mm package, ideal for cost-sensitive or uniquely designed projects requiring flexibility in power solutions or form factors.

Innovative features for advanced designs

The OSD32MP2 series is built around the STM32MP25 processor, featuring a dual Arm Cortex-A35 cores, an Arm Cortex-M33 core, a 3D GPU supporting Vulkan API, H.264 video encoding/decoding, a 1.35 TOPS AI accelerator, and comprehensive connectivity options. These features enable the development of cutting-edge applications that demand high-performance processing, advanced graphics, and robust security.

Empowering electronics design engineers

"Octavo Systems is committed to empowering electronics design engineers by simplifying the complexities of modern electronic design," said Harley Walsh, President of Octavo Systems. "Our OSD32MP2 series allows engineers to focus on innovation and product differentiation, providing them with the tools to bring their ideas to market faster and more efficiently than ever before."

The OSD32MP2 reduces design time and size by up to 60%, offering the lowest total cost of ownership. The OSD32MP2-PM offers a flexible option for designs requiring a unique form factor or power solution, making it ideal for wearable technology or other innovative applications.

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