MediaTek announces Dimensity 6300

18th April 2024
Kristian McCann

108MP cameras with enhanced noise reduction

Native support for 108MP camera sensors provides impressively detailed photos. Pre-integrated multiframe noise reduction delivers a stable, clear image in low-light conditions.


Faster games with MediaTek HyperEngine

With CPU speeds upgraded to reach 2.4GHz, users can enjoy games that are up to ten% faster than the previous generation, and over 50% GPU performance advantage compared to competitor platforms.

MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technologies

These technologies provide comprehensive enhancements to smartphone gaming, extending gameplay through up to 11% power-efficiency enhancements, up to 13% greater FPS in demanding gameplay scenes, intelligent connection prediction between 5G and Wi-Fi, 5G Call/Data concurrency, and more reliable connectivity to ensure gamers always stay connected.

Billion colour displays

Experience true, contour-free colours with billion colour displays, and true colour AMOLED, capable of displaying real 10-bit images and videos. Display speeds can reach 120Hz, which helps reduce visual fatigue and provides a supremely smooth user experience, such as page scrolling and animations in apps.

3GPP R16 standard modem

The Dimensity 6300 features a 3GPP Release-16 standard 5G modem, including the latest connectivity enhancements now deployed by global cellular operators. Device designers can create a single smartphone design for global cellular markets without significantly reducing costs and accelerating global rollout.

MediaTek 5G UltraSave 3.0+

This technology includes a complete suite of R16 power-saving enhancements, plus MediaTek’s own optimizations that result in 13-30% greater power efficiency compared to competitor alternatives in common 5G sub-6GHz connectivity scenarios.

Faster 5G that reaches further

Addressing a maximum of 140MHz cellular spectrum enables up to 3.3Gb/s 5G downlink via 2CC carrier aggregation – up to 40% faster downlink speeds within urban environments, and up to 30% in suburbs, compared to competitor alternatives. CA can apply mixed duplex FDD+TDD combining low and mid-band advantages, smartphones can access faster speeds and greater reach. Carrier aggregation also enables a seamless handover between two 5G connection areas across a coverage layer, where users receive over 30% greater throughput layer coverage than without CA.

Situationally intelligent enhancements

When travelling on high-speed rail, subway or travelling in a vehicle underground, MediaTek’s 5G modem recognizes the connection environment and applies situationally intelligent enhancements designed to provide 20% more effective downlink speeds compared to competitor alternatives.

LB+LB ENDC and 8-layer DL MIMO support

Support for the latest cellular operator requirements such as dual, low-band ENDC and 8-layer DL MIMO help to ensure a future-proof smartphone.

Exceptionally power-efficient & compact platform

Using the TSMC 6nm-class chip production process ensures an extended battery life, even for demanding smartphone users. MediaTek’s engineering innovations have also created a more compact platform that gives device designs more freedom in their product creations.

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