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7th May 2024
MediaTek unveils the Dimensity 9300+ SoC

MediaTek has unveiled the Dimensity 9300+, the latest flagship mobile chip in MediaTek’s Dimensity portfolio.

Artificial Intelligence
29th April 2024
Meta Llama 3 support added to Dimensity platforms

MediaTek has announced that it has brought Meta Llama 3 generative AI LLM support to Dimensity platforms.

18th April 2024
MediaTek announces Dimensity 6300

108MP cameras with enhanced noise reduction Native support for 108MP camera sensors provides impressively detailed photos. Pre-integrated multiframe noise reduction delivers a stable, clear image in low-light conditions.  

26th February 2024
MediaTek unveils T300 5G RedCap platform

At MWC 2024, MediaTek has announced the latest addition to its 5G RedCap portfolio, the MediaTek T300 platform for IoT applications.

9th January 2024
MediaTek’s first wave of Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 Products

MediaTek, one of the first adopters of Wi-Fi 7 technology, has announced that it is working closely within Wi-Fi Alliance to launch a complete first wave of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 products, which will be featured as part of MediaTek’s global ecosystem showcase at CES 2024.

5th January 2024
MediaTek AI-Super Resolution to improve streaming content

MediaTek is expanding its longstanding relationship with Hisense, the first television brand to utilise Pentonic SoCs, to significantly improve the visual quality of streaming content.

7th September 2023
MediaTek develops first chip using TSMC's 3nm process

MediaTek and TSMC have announced that MediaTek has successfully developed its first chip using TSMC’s 3nm process technology, taping out MediaTek’s flagship Dimensity system-on-chip (SoC) with volume production expected next year.

21st August 2023
AI-powered SoC for Embedded and IoT applications

MediaTek’s Genio 700 (MT8390) is a powerful Edge AI IoT platform designed for industrial, smart home, interactive retail, and commercial applications.

19th April 2023
MediaTek introduces Dimensity Auto for smart vehicle technology

MediaTek have introduced Dimensity Auto, its next-gen automotive platform designed to provide automakers with a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies needed for the future of intelligent, always-connected vehicles.

Events News
24th February 2023
MediaTek to showcase its satellite connectivity technology at MWC 2023

At MWC 2023, MediaTek will be demonstrating its 3GPP Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) technology that brings two-way satellite communications to smartphones. The first smartphones with MediaTek’s satellite connectivity are also launching, with more devices to be unveiled in the coming months. Additionally, MediaTek will also be sharing a sneak peek of its next-generation 5G New Radio NTN (NR-NTN) technology for the next wave of satellite-enabl...

Events News
24th February 2023
MediaTek to show technology and product highlights at MWC

At MWC 2023, MediaTek will spotlight technology and product highlights from its Dimensity, Filogic, Genio, Kompanio, and Pentonic portfolios, along with a variety of new demos for 5G beyond mobile. MediaTek will also be demonstrating its satellite communications platform and showcasing MediaTek-powered devices across different verticals from some of the world's biggest brands.

3rd January 2023
MediaTek & Federated Wireless to complete AFC testing on Wi-Fi 7 and 6E Chipsets

MediaTek has that it has completed interoperability testing for Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) on MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 7 and Wi-Fi 6E chips, in collaboration with Federated Wireless.

3rd January 2023
MediaTek introduces ecosystem of consumer-ready Wi-Fi 7 products at CES 2023

MediaTek will be demonstrating a full ecosystem of production-ready devices featuring the next generation of wireless connectivity at CES 2023.

8th December 2022
MediaTek launches its Dimensity 8200 chipset for premium 5G smartphones

MediaTek announced the Dimensity 8200, the company’s newest chipset for premium 5G smartphones.

8th November 2022
MediaTek launches flagship Dimensity 9200 chipset

MediaTek has launched the Dimensity 9200, its latest 5G chipset powering the next era of flagship smartphones.

24th May 2022
mmWave chipset for seamless 5G smartphone connectivity

MediaTek announced the Dimensity 1050 system-on-chip [SoC], its first mmWave 5G chipset that will power the next generation of 5G smartphones with seamless connectivity, displays, gaming and power efficiency.

11th May 2022
MediaTek unveils AIoT platform stack & Genio 1200 AIoT chip

MediaTek unveiles its Genio platform for AIoT devices and introduced the first chip in the Genio family, the Genio 1200 designed for premium AIoT products.

28th March 2022
MediaTek announces first commercial SoC support

MediaTek has announced it is the first TV SoC vendor to support Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail. Precision Detail is a new innovative feature introduced for TVs with Dolby Vision IQ, which will be supported in MediaTek’s Pentonic series for 8K and 4K smart TVs.

25th March 2022
MediaTek announces commercial SoC support for Dolby Vision IQ with precision detail

MediaTek has announced it is the first TV SoC vendor to support Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail.

27th January 2022
Kompanio 1380 for premium Chromebook

MediaTek has announced its Kompanio 1380 chip, which offers a new level of performance and best-in-class features for premium Chromebooks such as the new Acer Chromebook Spin 513.

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