Low power and tight security feature on MCUs

6th August 2018
Mick Elliott

The recently launched SAM L10 and L11 microcontrollers from Microchip Technology are in stock at Mouser Electronics. The microcontrollers are based on a 32-bit ArmCortex-M23 core and feature picoPower technology to offer the industry’s lowest power consumption in their class. The SAM L11 variant adds integrated hardware security and is the first 32-bit microcontroller family to feature Arm TrustZoneTechnology.

The devices run at 32MHz and feature up to 64Kbytes of flash memory and up to 16Kbytes of SRAM. The SAM L10 devices employ a single memory protection unit (MPU), two debug access levels (DALs), whereas SAM L11 devices employ two MPUs, three DALs, and TrustZone for ARMv8-M, a programmable environment that provides hardware isolation between certified libraries, IP and application code.

Both microcontrollers feature flexible clock distribution optimised for low power and a 32.768kHz crystal oscillator as well as power-on-reset, programmable brown-out detection, 8-channel Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC), and 8-channel event system for inter-peripheral core-independent operation.

Both microcontroller families offer Microchip’s Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) for capacitive touch capabilities even in the presence of moisture and noise.

For development, Mouser also offers the SAM L10 and L11 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kits. Each kit is supported by the Atmel Studio 7 integrated development platform, IAR Embedded Workbench, Arm Keil Microcontroller Development Kit as well as Atmel START, a free online tool to configure peripherals and software that accelerates development.

The SAM L10 and L11 microcontrollers are ideal for a range of low-power applications, including Internet of Things (IoT), security, automotive, embedded control, medical and other human machine interface (HMI) designs.

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