Fujitsu Announces New Series of Low Pin Count 8-bit MCUs for Motor Control

2nd March 2010
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Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has expanded its F2MC-8FX family of low-cost, low pin count (LPC) microcontrollers (MCUs). MB95330K is the first Fujitsu 32-pin, 8-bit MCU series to feature motor control functionality. With fast processing, low power consumption and three-phase motor control timers, the devices are targeted for use in a wide range of industrial, medical and consumer applications.
The series is powered by Fujitsu’s proprietary 8FX CPU core and features embedded dual-operation flash memory with support for E2PROM emulation. This allows a reduction in system area and system cost, as an external E2PROM is not required. Fujitsu’s high quality, high-performance embedded flash memory can be re-written 100,000 times and is guaranteed to hold data for 20 years. A flash security function protects customers’ software from being read by unauthorised external programs.

The precise RC oscillator (+/-2%) and low-voltage detection circuit built into the MCUs eliminate the need for an external oscillator and reset IC, thus contributing further to a reduction in overall system costs. The new series also employs single-line on-chip debug and includes an I2C interface.

The MB95330K series is part of Fujitsu’s F2MC-8FX family, a complete family of LPC MCUs ranging from 8-pin up to 100-pin devices, and is scalable in terms of memory and feature set. Future devices are currently under design and will add features such as a peripheral for controlling LCDs.

Manufactured in Fujitsu’s own wafer fabs in Japan, the 8FX devices are the successor to the company’s highly successful 8L products.

The series will be supported by detailed and easy-to-access material on Fujitsu’s website, including datasheets, manuals, application notes, example software, sensorless motor control library and C-library. Development is made easy with the compact and low-cost on-chip debugging tool and the free-of-charge C-language IDE – Softune.

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