FUJITSU Components Europe B.V. is a worldwide leader in electromechanical components ranging from Relays, Thermal Printers, Touch Panels, and Connectors to Wireless Modules and Beacons. With close to 100 years of experience FUJITSU has developed a vast technical knowledge. Design and development are important factors and combined with our customer centric approach, the focus of our day to day operations. Sustainability and social responsibility are important in our day to day business; Fujitsu is committed to making a positive impact.

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Quantum Tech
20th February 2024
Fujitsu and QuTech partner on diamond qubit tech

Fujitsu announces a collaboration with QuTech for the development of the world's first cryogenic electronic circuits for controlling diamond-based quantum bits.

Quantum Tech
19th February 2024
Fujitsu speeds up quantum circuit computation by 200x

Fujitsu has announced the development of a novel technique on a quantum simulator that speeds up quantum-classical hybrid algorithms, which have been proposed as a method for the early use of quantum computers, achieving 200 times the computational speed of previous simulations.

Artificial Intelligence
16th February 2024
Fujitsu AI strategy strengthens data integration

Fujitsu announced details of a new company-wide AI strategy that focuses on deepening human-AI collaboration, presenting a vision of AI as a trusted assistant that supports and augments productivity and creativity.

4th December 2023
Fujitsu and KDDI Research large-capacity multiband wavelength multiplexing transmission

Fujitsu Limited and KDDI Research has announced that they have successfully developed a large-capacity multiband wavelength multiplexing transmission technology using installed optical fibres.

Artificial Intelligence
11th October 2023
Fujitsu launch technology to generate AI solutions specific to business' needs

Fujitsu announced a new technology for automated generation of AI solutions, offering users the possibility to customise AI innovation components offered via the "Fujitsu Kozuchi (code name) - Fujitsu AI Platform." Fujitsu will start offering the new technology via Fujitsu Kozuchi to users in Japan by December 2023 and plans to roll out services to the global market in the future.

Artificial Intelligence
6th October 2023
Fujitsu and International Gymnastics Federation launch AI-powered Judging Support System

 Fujitsu and the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) marked a major milestone in their ongoing collaboration with the successful completion of joint development and the official introduction of the Judging Support System (JSS) for all 10 apparatuses in competition at the 52nd Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium, held from September 30th to October 8th 2023.

27th September 2023
Fujitsu delivers O-RAN ALLIANCE-compliant 5G virtualised RAN solution

Fujitsu announces that it has successfully delivered its O-RAN ALLIANCE-compliant 5G virtualised RAN solution for use in NTT DOCOMO 5G commercial network services beginning in September 2023.

Artificial Intelligence
15th September 2023
Fujitsu and Linux Foundation launch automated ML and AI fairness technologies

Fujitsu and the Linux Foundation has marked the official launch of Fujitsu's automated machine learning and AI fairness technologies as OSS ahead of "Open Source Summit Europe 2023," running in Bilbao, Spain, from 19th – 21st September 2023.

29th August 2023
Fujitsu develops millimetre-wave chip for 5G radio units

Fujitsu has announced the development of a new millimetre-wave chip for 5G that supports multibeam multiplexing (excluding polarisation multiplexing (1)), enabling up to four beams to be multiplexed by a single millimetre-wave chip for the radio units (RU) of 5G base stations.

17th July 2023
Fujitsu and NEC significantly improve efficiency of base station interoperability testing for the post-5G era

As part of the "Research and Development Project of the Enhanced Infrastructures for Post-5G Information and Communication Systems" under the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO), NEC Corporation (NEC) and Fujitsu Limited (Fujitsu) are conducting research and development of a technology for testing the interoperability of post-5G base stations compliant with O-RAN specifications. 

Artificial Intelligence
22nd May 2023
Tokyo Tech, Tohoku University, Fujitsu, and RIKEN collab to develop LLMs

Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), Tohoku University, Fujitsu Limited, and RIKEN have announced that they will embark on the research and development of a distributed training of Large Language Models (LLMs) on supercomputer Fugaku in May 2023, within the scope of the initiatives for use of Fugaku defined by Japanese policy.

Artificial Intelligence
17th March 2023
Fujitsu & Ochanomizu University establish AI ethics research lab

Fujitsu and Ochanomizu University has announced the establishment of the "Fujitsu-Ochanomizu University Social Collaboration Programme for AI Ethics", a new joint research laboratory to develop AI solutions contributing to the solution of gender equality issues.

27th February 2023
Fujitsu accelerates efforts to commercialise private 5G

As part of its showcase at MWC Barcelona 23, Fujitsu has revealed its progress in a series of connectivity trials conducted in cooperation with Microsoft Corporation (hereinafter Microsoft) to verify the connectivity between Fujitsu's 5G network technology and Microsoft Azure private MEC.

20th February 2023
Fujitsu launches new 5G vRAN solution for flexible, open networks

Fujitsu has announced the launch of a new 5G vRAN solution combining Fujitsu's virtualised CU (vCU) and virtualised DU (vDU) with NVIDIA's GPU technology.

Artificial Intelligence
21st December 2022
Fujitsu & Tokai University develop ultrasound AI tech to test quality of frozen tuna

Tokai University and Fujitsu have revealed the successful development of a new technology to inspect the freshness of frozen tuna in Japan.

4th November 2022
Fujitsu conducts 5G field trials to deliver operation automation for data centres

Fujitsu will embark on a series of field trials together with Fujitsu Research Institute Limited at its Yokohama Data Centre, aiming to promote the digital transformation of data centers, boosting operational resilience and process automation by utilising private 5G network technology for equipment inspection.

6th June 2022
Fujitsu NTT DOCOMO and NTT start joint trials towards 6G

Fujitsu has announced that it will start collaboration with NTT DOCOMO, INC. and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation to conduct joint trials towards the realization of practical applications for 6G. In the joint trials, the partners will utilize radio waves in the high frequency range of 100 GHz and 300 GHz, which represent promising candidates for use in 6G to realize a high-speed communication technology with radio wave propagation that ...

Artificial Intelligence
17th May 2022
Fujitsu and RIKEN: research next-gen IT drug discovery technology

Fujitsu Limited and RIKEN have launched a joint research project on next-gen IT drug discovery technology utilising the supercomputer Fugaku, aiming to accelerate DX (digital transformation) in drug discovery, explore promising new areas in this process, and reduce development period and costs for new drug development.

Aerospace & Defence
5th April 2022
Fujitsu delivers to Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Fujitsu announced the development and deployment of a new analysis system to calculate orbital courses of space debris for use with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) "Space Situational Awareness System" ("SSA system") for monitoring space debris.

24th February 2022
Fujitsu launches sustainable 5G vRAN to deliver potential CO2 reductions

Fujitsu has developed new software virtualised radio access network (vRAN) technology with support for 5G Standalone (SA) and will offer it for verification by telecommunications carriers from March 2022.  

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