2x G-Ethernet and Linux supported high-end microprocessor for consumer media and gateway applications

10th December 2007
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Renesas Technology Europe has announced the availability of the SH7763 highly integrated microprocessor for sophisticated consumer applications such as high-end audio/video equipment, media servers and set-top-boxes. It is also suits telecom-based designs such as residential gateways, routers and IP-feature phones. In addition, the microprocessor is ideal for migrating designs from industrial PCs (IPC) to deeply embedded hardware. This would achieve significantly lower power consumption, longer product life time and smaller form factors than any IPC can offer.
The high-performance CPU consumes just 2.5 Watts even with all three busses (local, PCI and DDR-SDRAM) and the entire peripheral set in full operation.

The SH7763 integrates a high-performance 32-bit SH-4A CPU core with a 1.9 GFLOPS Floating Point Unit (FPU) running at 266MHz, MMU, 32Kbyte cache for instruction and data each, 16K RAM, and a six channel DMA. The package also offers a total of 10 channels of 32-bit timers, a Real Time Clock (RTC), three SCI with FIFO, three channels of SIOF with FIFO, MMC interface, four channel serial sound interface (SSI), USB host and function (full-speed). Other peripheral interfaces include two channels of IIC, a four channel 10-bit ADC, a two channel 8-bit DAC, a PCMCIA card controller, and an ISO7816-3 SIM-card interface. A 1024 x 1024 resolution TFT display control and dual gigabit Ethernet ports complete the device’s specification.

The powerful FPU calculates 3D graphics using internal DSP-like instructions (MAC, DIV, SQRT), supports single and double precision (64bit) and has a 10-stage pipeline for optimised performance.

The SH7763 is supported by a Linux board support package (BSP) which runs on the YSH7763RDP reference development platform. A Microsoft Windows CE BSP is currently under development.

The SH7763 is now available in a RoHS compliant 449-pin BGA package.

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