Oriental Motor to manufacture high-quality AC and brushless motors

15th December 2022
Beth Floyd

Oriental Motor has a comprehensive range of brushless DC motors, manufactured in Japan and designed to meet industrial applications from simple implementations to more complex control requirements.

The brushless DC motor range consists of the BMU series, and BLE2 Series, where the motor and gearhead is common to both drivers, with a speed range of between 80 to 4,000 and with a speed regulation of +/- 0.2% even when the load continuously varies.

The BMU series offers easy speed control via a push and twist dial where up to four speed settings can be selected by the user. Including the ability to adjust acceleration and deceleration and being able to monitor torque or speed.

The BLE2 motor and driver can be remotely programmed using the free-of-charge software MEXE02 suite. Set-up can be via a PC using the software or via a PLC. It has alarm and torque monitoring functions for safe operation and useful control. The software can be used for troubleshooting and to make maintenance and setup easier. There is also a torque control function for winding application acting in a similar way to an electronic clutch. User can adjust the speed or torque via an analogue output or additionally 16 programmable speeds can be set. Snap on easy use motor connectors ensure quick and secure wiring and the user can select lengths of cable, from 1m to 20m so that an appropriate length can be specified.  Additionally, the BLE2 series motors are rated to IP66. Oriental Motor supplies a range of motor options: 30W, 60W,120W, 200W and 300W versions are available with a variety of Gear head and ratios to meet all needs

Oriental Motor also offers a range of AC induction motors, manufactured in Japan offering a high quality, industry leading range of motors. This is a product for conveyors in any industry due to its robust design, such as being able to easily handle frequent and aggressive washdowns in the food industry. 

In addition to high torque, Oriental Motors AC induction motors are versatile, with a wide selection of gear heads available that allows for a varied selection of speed and torque options. They also offer the FPW series which is a range of IP67 motors for the most aggressive of environments.

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