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6th November 2023
Oriental Motor (UK) signs distribution deal with OEM Automatic

Oriental Motor (UK) has signed a distribution deal with Leicester-based OEM Automatic.

Events News
4th October 2023
That Engineering Chat podcasts return to EDS 2023

This year’s lively, informative conversations with Chatty Hatter’s podcast host, Nicole Piesse Turner will be recorded at Stand E26 at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) (11—12 October).

26th April 2023
BLH2D drivers introduce dedicated vector control

Leveraging the design of the BLH motor for precision control, Oriental Motor introduces the BLH2D driver, implementing dedicated vector control, for speed tracking and low noise operation, for use with the BLH series.

21st February 2023
Oriental Motor enhances BLV-R motor driver design

The BLV-R series of BLDC motors and drivers have been redesigned to improve parameters such as speed and stability, while significantly reducing size and power consumption.

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17th January 2023
Oriental Motor’s BLE2 BLDC motors are rated to IP66

Motors in the BLE2 series are rated to IP66 and available in a range of power options from 30-300W. Additionally these units have a speed range of between 80-4000RPM, meaning one motor gearhead combination use is available in a variety of applications resulting in fewer parts being needed to be held for spares, Oriental Motor claims.

15th December 2022
Oriental Motor to manufacture high-quality AC and brushless motors

Oriental Motor has a comprehensive range of brushless DC motors, manufactured in Japan and designed to meet industrial applications from simple implementations to more complex control requirements.

30th November 2022
New mechanical encoder for use with the AlphaStep AZ series

In Oriental Motor’s continuing drive to improve customers’ productivity and reduce costs, it has developed a mechanical encoder for use with the AlphaStep AZ Series of stepper motors.

19th October 2022
BLV-R sets course to be the driving force in automated production lines

Oriental Motor (UK)’s BLV-R series of BLDC motors and drivers have multiple performance features specifically for AGV use.

29th September 2022
Oriental Motor adopts ease of use strategy

The AZ stepper motor series has been specifically developed by Oriental Motor for ease of use across a wide selection of motors and in a variety of industrial sectors.

19th August 2022
AZ - designed for efficiency

Characteristics of Oriental Motor’s AZ series of stepper motors mean automation system developers can reduce expense while increasing efficiency.

25th July 2022
Modular automation thrives on motor innovation

Modular automation is the concept of using modular processes along the production line, allowing for the assembly of small or varying lots of products in a high mix, low volume production model.

28th June 2022
How AC induction motors address the global chip shortage

Simple, standard applications are well served by AC induction motors, says Oriental Motor’s Paul Jepson. In this global chip shortage, the appeal of a chip-less motor with high IP ratings and low lead times has never been more apparent.

17th January 2022
BLV-R series BLDCs are ideal for autonomous workforces

The BLV-R series of brushless DC motors (BLDCs) have been specifically designed by Oriental Motor to meet the operating demands of AGVs/AMRs

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