Oriental Motor adopts ease of use strategy

29th September 2022
Sheryl Miles

The AZ stepper motor series has been specifically developed by Oriental Motor for ease of use across a wide selection of motors and in a variety of industrial sectors.

The stepper motors are ideal for a broad range of applications including complex, multi-axis machines.

Microstepping delivers up to 10,000 steps per revolution for high quality, positional accuracy without a PID (proportional-integral-derivative) loop. Another advantage is that the absence of a PID lowers cost and means that modules can be repositioned if there are any changes to the production line.

The AZ stepper motors support all popular protocols – i.e., EtherNet IP, Profinet, CANOpen, Modbus RTU, Mechatrolink 2 and Mechatrolink 3 IP drivers. What is more, an engineer can use the same driver and software across a range of products. The AZ driver is common to a number of products – motors as well as rotary and micro actuators. This versatility means that integration is simple in any factory setting.

Furthermore, considerable cost savings are achieved because the AZ series eliminates the need for external sensors, e.g., a home sensor or limit sensor. In addition, the absence of sensors means that there is a reduction in electrical design time as well as in cable and maintenance costs.

Target applications are conveyor production lines and automated warehouse equipment and any others which require a compact form factor with the AZ stepper motor’s positional accuracy.

Oriental Motor also offers a range of EtherCAT-compatible multi-axis drivers for the AZ Series includes two-, three- and four-axis driver connection models for the AZ Series DC input stepper motors and electric actuators.

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