Cooling fans boost airflow, cut power consumption

23rd November 2021
Mick Elliott

A new series of energy efficient AC centrifugal cooling fans that deliver a static pressure of 650Pa (max.) and an airflow of 26.5m3 /min or 936CFM has been introduced by EAO.

Developed by cooling specialist Sanyo Denki, the San Ace 9ADT centrifugal fan is available with nominal inputs of either115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz.

Both variants utilise electronically commutated (EC) motor technology that reduces running costs by up to 30%, making the new cooling fans more power efficient than conventional AC cooling fans.

An embedded AC-DC converter enables the new fans to be driven by an AC power supply further saving costs by eliminating the need for an external high-capacity DC power supply.

According to Robert Davies, Marketing Manager with Sanki Denki’s UK representative EAO Ltd., the new fans use PWM technology to control the fan speed and reduce power consumption when less cooling airflow is required.

“The new fan provides an ancillary 10V DC output from the AC powered input hat can be used to drive a DC PWM controller”, Davies said. “The Sanyo Denki 9PC8666X-S101 for instance is able to run up to four fans using either voltage, resistor or temperature thermistor control”, Davies added.

The new San Ace 9ADT centrifugal fan measures just 99mm by 250mm but delivers the cooling performance and low noise requirements demanded by high static pressure cooling applications such as FFU (fan filter units), air purifiers cooling inverters and high-density telecom cabinets.

For particularly demanding applications the 9ADW1TV splash-proof variant offers IP56 protection.

Engineered in black aluminum housing with dual ball bearings and a fire-retardant impeller, the new San Ace fans provide reliability figures of 70,000 hours MTBF at 40oC (40,000 hour at 60oC), ensuring trouble-free long-term operation.

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