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16th December 2019
CAN Bus keypad and joystick modules for heavy duty control

Functional safety coupled with high reliability and compact design is a crucial requirement in safety-related applications typically found in construction and agricultural equipment and vehicles and machines for specialist applications. Hoping to meet these needs EAO has introduced a new series of high-quality ruggedised CAN Bus Keypads and Rotary Cursor Controller Joystick modules.

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22nd September 2019
Switches, keypads and joysticks sent to Coventry

The Engineering Design Show in Coventry (October 16-17) will be used by EAO to showcase is latest HMI switches, CANbus keypads and rotary controllers. Visitors will also see CAN bus LCD displays, encoders and rotary switches from Grayhill and collong fans, stepper motors and drivers from Sanyo Denki.

28th January 2019
Reliable safety switches for innovative machinery control

A new family of emergency stop (E-Stop) and stop switches have been introduced by HMI specialist EAO, suited for use in handheld and compact control applications where mechanical, electrical and environmental performance has to go hand-in-hand with severely restricted panel depth.

22nd January 2019
Second generation CANbus keypads and MMI controllers

HMI specialist EAO has introduced second generation Joysticks and Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) Controllers that combine technical characteristics with easy toolless installation. Developed by Grayhill, the new 3J CAN-based devices feature enhanced shock resistance and long mechanical life and are built to withstand rugged conditions typically found in agriculture, construction, and mining machinery.

21st November 2018
Joystick controllers withstand rugged environments

HMI specialist EAO has introduced second generation Joysticks and Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) Controllers that combine outstanding technical characteristics with easy tool-less installation. Developed by Grayhill the 3J CAN-based devices feature enhanced shock resistance and long mechanical life and are built to withstand rugged conditions typically found in agriculture, construction, and mining machinery.

7th September 2018
Switch solutions to be showcased at Engineering Design Show 2018

EAO will be showcasing its latest human machine interface, motion control and cooling products on Stand No F20 at the Engineering Design Show, together with CAN-bus keypads, displays, joysticks, encoders and rotary switches from Grayhill and cooling fans, stepper motors and drivers from Sanyo Denki. Visitors to the Stand will be able to see the latest additions to EAO’s range of customised HMI enclosures including the new Smart Box, a ...

9th July 2018
Stepper motors reduce vibration and heat generation

A family of stepper motors that deliver 10% higher torque than currently available alternatives but produce 3dB(A) less noise with significantly reduced vibration and heat generation has been introduced by EAO. Improvements in motor efficiency has enabled manufacturer Sanyo Denki to boost the torque of its new SanmotionSF24 Series of 42mm stepper motors by 10% compared to current equivalent sized alternatives but with 15% lower inertia.

18th June 2018
Low voltage blower fans target high-density equipment

A series of small, low voltage blower fans that deliver a static pressure of 1950P (max.) and an airflow of 111m3 /hour (max.) at a rated speed of 8200 rpm are available from EAO. Developed by Sanyo Denki, the San Ace 9BMC blower fan measures just 97mm by 33mm but delivers the cooling performance and low noise requirements demanded by high-density equipment such as Servers, PSUs, fuel cells and air-con units.

3rd April 2018
Touch encoder replaces tweaking with fine tuning

Human Machine Interface (HMI) specialist EAO has introduced a Touch Encoder that integrates a touch-screen LCD display with a multi-function rotary switch and pushbuttons in a single product. The encoder from Grayhill streamlines Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) used in medical electronics, audio/visual and specialist vehicle control applications.

7th March 2018
Switches supplied in flush or raised variants

The Series 18 range of tactile, compact, actuators and indicators has been designed by EAO specifically for use in the latest generation of laboratory & measuring equipment, medical equipment, audio & video applications (such as mixing desks and mobile camera control systems), lighting and stage control systems.

9th January 2018
Switches respond to hands, gloves, and even elbow

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), specialist EAO has enhanced its popular Series 45 range of modular panel products with the addition of intuitive palm switches and all-purpose acoustic buzzers. The new Series 45 palm switches unite a broad range of machine operating functions with outstanding technical characteristics.

4th December 2017
Durability designed into compact optical encoders

A range of optical encoders from Grayhill are available at EAO. The three devices in the 62xG range of optical encoders use a patented optical switching technology that delivers a 2-bit digital quadrature output and are capable of over 1 million switching cycles, which together with a rugged enclosed metal body and a metal shaft ensures that the new optical encoders provide a more durable and more cost effective alternative to conventional mechan...

9th November 2017
Reversible flow axial fans offer space efficiency

Designed to halve the numberoffans required in applications where air flow both in and out of the enclosure is required, EAO has introduced a range of bi-directional fans that provide the same high airflow performance in both directions. Adding to the Sanyo Denki portfolio of DC axial fans the new RF Series comprises two models.

7th September 2017
DC centrifugal fans cut acoustic noise levels

A family of DC centrifugal fans that in typical high performance cooling applications consume 13% less power than competitive products is currently available at EAO. The fans offer significantly reduced acoustic noise levels. Manufactured by Sanyo Denki, the San Ace C175 9TGA DC centrifugal cooling fans measure just 175mm x 69mm.

18th July 2017
Robust stop switches suit hand-held control units

A series of modular emergency stop switches especially suited for handheld control units has been launched by EAO. Designed to reliably protect people from injury and equipment from damage the Series 61 emergency stop switches are also suitable for mounting in remote panels within easy reach of the operator or directly onto a machine itself.

2nd May 2017
Selector switches offer high-specification functions

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), specialist EAO, has enhanced its popular Series 45 range of panel products with the addition of selector switches that set a new benchmark for functionality, reliability, robustness, durability and aesthetic design. These new selector switches combine distinctive haptics (tactile sensation and control) for intuitive HMI control with a wide range of high-specification functions for demanding machine operation. &nb...

25th June 2013
Strength, style and versatility - the new, improved Series 82

EAO has improved the Series 82 pushbutton range with a set of design upgrades to give it the edge over other metal pushbuttons. Series 82 has been re-engineered from the inside out for extra strength, versatility and style: tough enough to resist aggressive use and yet elegant to fit today’s stylish, ergonomic environments.

20th July 2009
Latest sound module goes straight onto glass

Designed with new-generation public transport vehicles in mind, this product can be mounted direct to glass, faster and with fewer holes. The unit connects on each side of the glass through a single, central hole with fewer fixing screws. The module is built to meet EAO’s very high standards of quality, reliability and durability. Sealed to IP69K from the front, this product is shock-resistant, vandal-resistant and flame retardant. It can be m...

19th June 2009
PCB-mount switches from EAO

A range of new options for Series 71 PCB-mount switches has been introduced by EAO. Coloured lenses with a choice of illuminated symbols including the popular on/off design plus ‘ring’ and ‘centre spot’ illumination are now offered as standard. These lenses are an excellent way to enhance the aesthetic design of a control panel and improve the industrial ergonomics of the operating environment, whether it's for a luxury yacht, a medical i...

8th April 2009
Add the WOW factor with new multicolour buttons

EAO is now offering a switch with multicoloured ‘halo’ illumination for creating highly flexible displays. The Series 84 PCB range of pushbuttons and indicators opens up new possibilities for illuminated control panels. A wide spectrum of different colours can be generated from a single switch by utilizing the possibility to combine up to 10 different coloured LEDs in one unit: eight around the lens and one bi-colour in the middle.

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