SparkFun Artemis module adds camera kit

20th October 2020
Mick Elliott

The Artemis Development Kit with Camera from SparkFun is in stock at distributor Mouser Electronics, Inc.

SparkFun Artemis Development Kit with Camera is the latest board to be released around the SparkFun Artemis Module, and it allows access to more software development features than previous Artemis based boards.

Recommended software used to program the Artemis Development Kit are the Arduino IDE, Arm Mbed OS (Studio and CLI), and AmbiqSDK.

An updated USB interface (NXP MKL26Z128VFM4 Arm Cortex-M0+ microcontroller) allows the SparkFun Artemis Development Kit to act as mass storage device (MSD), human interface device (HID), and communication port (COM).

The Artemis Module includes a 48-MHz Arm Cortex-M4F processor with an available 96MHz turbo mode.

The Cortex core includes with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 connectivity and offers low power consumption down to 6 µA per MHz (less than 5 mW).

The Module is fully FCC/IC/CE certified with 1 Mbyte of flash and 384 Kbytes of RAM that gives plenty of room for the user's code.

An Arduino core delivers flexibility to the Artemis module.

A user can program and use the Artemis module just like they would an Uno or any other Arduino board.

Additional functionality stems from the ability of the Artemis Development Kit to run a real-time operating system (RTOS) such as the Arm Mbed OS or the AmbiqSDK.

Attached to the Qwiic I2C bus is a LIS2DH12TR MEMS accelerometer (for gesture recognition) and a digital MEMS microphone.

It also includes an edge camera connector for the Himax CMOS imaging camera to experiment with always-on voice commands and image recognition with TensorFlow and machine learning.

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