Raspberry Pi for Industry

11th December 2023
Paige West

Raspberry Pi products, known for their small size, affordability, and versatility, are increasingly becoming the backbone of various industrial applications.

From manufacturing to healthcare to transportation, these devices are being utilised by businesses of all sizes, including small family enterprises and large multinational corporations. With the addition of RP2040 and Raspberry Pi Pico to its product line, Raspberry Pi now offers microcontrollers specifically designed for a wide range of applications, further solidifying its role in industrial innovation.

To keep industrial customers abreast of the latest developments, Raspberry Pi has launched several initiatives:

New email newsletter: Raspberry Pi for Industry

Raspberry Pi has introduced a new newsletter, ‘Raspberry Pi for Industry’. This quarterly publication serves as a resource for businesses and individuals interested in leveraging Raspberry Pi products for industrial and embedded applications. The newsletter will cover a range of topics, including:

  • New product releases and services tailored for industrial use
  • Case studies and highlights from the Powered By Raspberry Pi program, showcasing innovative uses in various sectors
  • White papers providing guidance on utilising Raspberry Pi products in specific industrial contexts
  • Updates on documentation, new features, and Product Change Notifications (PCNs)

Subscriptions to newsletter are free and can be made by visiting the Raspberry Pi for industry homepage and entering an email address.

The Raspberry Pi Product Information Portal (PIP)

The Raspberry Pi Product Information Portal is an online resource offering access to extensive technical documentation, white papers, and compliance information. This portal aids industrial users in selecting suitable Raspberry Pi products, developing applications, and troubleshooting. Features of the portal include:

  • Subscriptions to individual products for notifications on new related files
  • The option to subscribe solely to Product Change Notifications for all products
  • White papers and application notes on specific topics, like industrial automation applications using Raspberry Pi
  • A search function for quick access to needed documentation

Powered By Raspberry Pi programme

The Powered by Raspberry Pi logo represents a mark of quality, indicating that a product incorporates Raspberry Pi technology. This initiative allows companies to showcase their high-quality, innovative products to potential customers. By applying for this programme, successful companies receive a licence to use the ‘Powered by Raspberry Pi’ logo on products, packaging, and marketing materials. Additionally, their products will be featured in the Powered by Raspberry Pi product catalogue.

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