Embedded NUC boards and systems from E.E.P.D. with AMD-processors

E.E.P.D's the newest generation of embedded NUC series boards and systems are based on the latest AMD Ryzen mobile processors, available in a wide range of variants. 

Made in Germany, compact, powerful and scalable, the embedded NUC series is a highly attractive solution for industrial applications and professional IT. It provides up to 64 GBytes of RAM as well as a wide range of connectivity options, including USB, DisplayPort, LAN and much more. All in a very small footprint: the CPU board measures only about 4" x 4" (10cmx10cm). This makes it ideally suited for complex networking scenarios and enables seamless integration into existing systems.

"E.E.P.D. has been developing high-performance single-board computers for 35 years," says Christian Blersch, Founder and CEO of E.E.P.D. "With our embedded NUC series, we have reliable, energy-efficient boards and systems with state-of-the-art technology in our portfolio. Due to the power-optimised processors and the efficient thermal concept the series meets the highest computing demands. It is characterised by low integration costs, simple combination options, and high functional and failure safety."

Available in several variations

The OEM/ODM versions of the SBCs are available in a wide range of variants and versions and can thus be fully adapted to the customer's requirements. The "easy to integrate" versions have no fan or heat sink. A heat spreader, which also serves as a mounting plate, distributes the CPU heat to a larger cooling solution in the user's application. This is ideally suitable for fanless systems. The "ready to use" version is equipped with a compact cooling solution and is ready for immediate use. The boards can be quickly and easily integrated into customers' applications. The box, mini or midi tower PCs based on the eNUC series are energy-efficient solutions that offer high multi-core and graphics performance in a very small form factor. The systems are designed for a five-year lifetime in extremely quiet 24/7 continuous operation.

Robust, long-term available hardware

Whether actively or passively cooled SBCs, box or tower PCs, the embedded NUC series is characterised by the highest quality "Made in Germany". The boards and systems are developed and produced at E.E.P.D. in Germany, and support is also provided from here. Before series production in the in-house SMT production facility, the prototypes are put through their paces in the test field, in-house EMC/environmental laboratory and shock cabinet. This ensures that only hardware that meets the highest quality standards is delivered. Only components and operating systems that are on the "long-term roadmap" and that ensure the long-term availability of up to 10 years of the systems are used.

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