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2nd June 2020
Support software for RCX3 Series robot controller

Yamaha Motor Europe has announced that it will launch the RCX-Studio 2020 support software for the RCX3 Series of robot controllers on May 14th, 2020. This new product adds new functions such as a 3D simulator and program templates (automatic sample generation) to the existing RCX-Studio Pro software, and also features usability enhancements.

26th May 2020
Linear conveyor module LCMR200 streamlines production

Yamaha Motor has announced that it will release the LCMR200, a new linear conveyor module on July 1st. The structure of the current model LCM-X has undergone a major review in order to further improve ease of use.

20th May 2020
Yamaha Motor launches RCXiVY2+ vision system

Yamaha Motor has announced that it will launch the RCXiVY2+ vision system, which features a new ‘blob detection’ enabling picking, presence recognition, and high-speed counting of multiple workpieces for irregular shaped objects such as foodstuffs and clothing, on June 1st.

4th May 2020
Yamaha providing support for COVID-19 medical front lines

Yamaha Motor has, in order to assist with the battle against the global COVID-19 pandemic, determined to manufacture face shields and sterilizing detergent (aqueous hypochlorous acid) utilising our production technology and resources.

27th April 2020
Yamaha Motor COVID-19 temporary business closure

Yamaha Motor has announced that it will temporarily close all business locations, factories, and offices in Japan for five days, from May 18th to 22th. 

Component Management
14th April 2020
New models added to YK-XE Series of SCARA robots

Yamaha Motor Europe has announced that it will add the YK610XE-10 (610mm arm length) and YK710XE-10 (710mm arm length) models to the YK-XE Series of SCARA robots. Launching on April 16, the two new models build on the high speed and efficiency of the current YK-XE Series.

19th March 2020
Innovations in SCARA robots boost performance and reliability

As Yamaha Motor Europe, Factory Automation Section explain, SCARA robots can automate and accelerate pick-and-place and small assembly processes such as transferring workpieces between processes, screwdriving, and dispensing. They can also perform functional testing such as activating buttons.

Component Management
3rd March 2020
Investment in solder paste printing capability

AW, part of the global Aisin Group, researches, develops, and manufactures automotive infotainment systems and electronically controlled automatic transmissions. The company serves major European and Asian carmakers that place extremely high requirements on every unit produced by their partners.

Events News
24th February 2020
Robot automation innovations at Hannover Messe 2020

Yamaha Motor Europe Factory Automation Section has announced that it will return to Hannover Messe 2020, with new SCARA robots, controllers, and vision systems that extend performance and ease integration of industrial robot technology.

8th November 2019
Automating LED BIN-code management to boost productivity

Pushed by legislation and pulled by the demands of an excited marketplace, LED lighting has quickly become dominant, serving almost every illumination need from functional to decorative. Its success has transformed production of lighting fixtures away from traditional electrical wiring challenges and now demands electronic design knowhow and manufacturing capabilities.

6th November 2019
Enhanced vision for robots simplifies setup

Yamaha Factory Automation Section has introduced next-generation vision for its uniquely flexible range of SCARA, cartesian, orbital, single-, and multi-axis robots. The latest iVY2 system, hosted on Yamaha’s state-of-the-art RCX340 robot controller, simplifies setup, accelerates performance and, for the first time, brings vision into the overall robot-control program for ease of use and efficiency.

16th September 2019
SCARA robot with increase of the payload and cycle time reduction

It has been announced that Yamaha Motor Europe FA Section will release new SCARA robot ‘YK400 XE’ (with an arm length of 400 mm) on September 17th, 2019. This ‘YK400XE’ is a successor model of the conventional model ‘YK400XR’ that features high accuracy and high performance even at a less expensive price.

15th July 2019
SCARA robot family boosts speed, versatility, and uptime

Yamaha Motor Europe Factory Automation Section, has continued to extend its SCARA family. The YK-XG and YK-TW orbital SCARA series are available arm lengths now range from just 120 to 1200mm, and maximum payload from one to 50kg, to accelerate a wide variety of pick and place, packaging/de-packaging, and mechanical assembly tasks.

5th June 2019
Configurable modular transfer for robot assembly cells

A solution for robotic assembly by Yamaha Factory Automation Section, the LCM100 linear conveyor module, enables cleaner, quieter, and more flexible workpiece transport. By simplifying production startup, reducing cycle times, and increasing accuracy, the modules boost productivity and yield, while also cutting noise, increasing reliability, and reducing the size of robot assembly cells.

16th May 2019
Robot lineup to solve real-world automation challenges

Lightweight cobots dominated at Hanover Messe this April. While they offered a tantalising vision for our industrial future, many automation challenges are solved more efficiently by coordinated high-speed robots working together in a fully integrated assembly cell. 

5th July 2017
Data interfaces are key to smart surface-mount manufacturing

  Following mechanisation, mass production, and computerised automation, the fourth industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0) is transforming traditional automation into cyber-physical systems. These are expected to enable new ways of organising production, support the creation of new products and services, and open new opportunities for participation.

16th June 2017
Modern manufacturing demands drive growing reliance on factory software tools

OEMs and contract assemblers are constantly seeking a technological edge over their competitors, investing in better, more modern machines, to win new business and grow their market share. A high level of automation is now applied at each point in the surface-mount assembly flow, from program generation through solder-paste deposition, component placement, inspection, reflow and test. Contributed by Yamaha Motor IM.

Component Management
24th April 2017
Surface mounter offers 200,000cph placement capability

Yamaha Motor IM Europe is to showcase the YSM40R Ultra-High-Speed Modular surface mounter as part of its full line solution at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017 in Nuremberg May 16-18, booth 321, Hall 4. The YSM40R’s 200,000cph placement capability and area-efficient 1m-wide outline frees OEMs and contract assemblers to increase capacity and maximize use of available space.

Component Management
23rd February 2017
Compact high-speed surface mounter

Yamaha’s YSM10 surface mounter is said to be the fastest in its class at 46,000CPH. The YSM10 is developed based on what Yamaha call the three "Ones" concept and provides 1) a combination of a mounting speed that is number one in its class, 2) a one-head-solution that does not require replacement, and 3) an integration of three models of the YS12 type into one platform.

10th October 2016
Automotive electronics made flexible

The sophisticated mass production techniques that are seen today have many that originated in the automotive industry, and provide the key to delivering complex products at affordable prices. Lean manufacturing has evolved from that foundation to enable higher productivity and greater cost-effectiveness by eliminating waste throughout the supply chain.

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