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24th October 2016
Futuristic automotive touch displays at electronica 2016

At electronica 2016, Varitronix will be featuring a futuristic automotive cockpit and the latest touch display design ideas at booth 332, hall A3. Varitronix is a LCD, TFT, OLED, HUD and touch panel manufacturer, specialising in automotive, industrial and medical applications. 

17th June 2016
Varitronix becomes a subsidiary of BOE

On 28th April 2016, BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd. purchased a 54.7% shareholding in Varitronix International Limited and as a result, Varitronix has become a subsidiary of BOE.

2nd October 2015
Colour touch panels with vandal-resistant 15mm glass

Varitronix has announced a new development to further enhance its range of high-resolution touch panel TFT displays. The development allows the addition of a cover lens with glass thickness up to 15mm through which the capacitive touch screen can still easily be operated.

1st September 2015
10.1" panel comes in high-resolution colour

Varitronix has announced a recent addition to their range of high-resolution colour TFT panels. The recent panel is a 10.1” HD720  layout in 16:9 format with overall dimensions of 224x126mm (250mm approximate diagonal) and a pixel resolution of 1280x720 RGB pixels.

3rd June 2015
High-contrast mono LCDs available with colour filters

A range of high-contrast mono LCDs, which are optionally available with colour filters, has been released by Varitronix. The displays use Improved Black Nematic (IBN) technology to provide a high contrast ratio of around 1000:1 with low bleed-through of light around the edges of the ON segment characters and graphics. 

22nd May 2015
Flexible LCD features transmissive & touch display

Varitronix has announced the availability of its recent range of Ultra-Flexible LCD. The displays accept a curve with a radius as tight as 12.5cm, and currently can be manufactured in small sizes, similar to that of a credit card. The flexibility is due to the innovative manufacturing process that Varitronix uses. The thickness is just 0.56mm, making the displays very light.

2nd April 2015
Bespoke HMI displays produce satisfactory results

Clear, sharp, unambiguous displays are always pivotal to any product design. The chosen display medium is the real-life HMI and must easily convey measurements, messages and instructions from the equipment to the end users. Varitronix provides an affordable and fast custom mono LCD production service - the success of which now accounts for a high percentage of the Varitronix production capability.

25th February 2015
LCD touch screens can be used with stylus & gloved fingers

Varitronix has announced a range of projected capacitive LCD touchscreens, which can be used with a stylus, a gloved finger or bare finger. The screens have been developed to operate with Varitronix's in-house software which allows the touch technology to be optimised to differentiate between false and genuine touches.

14th February 2013
Varitronix Keen To Boost European Industrial Business

LCD manufacturer Varitronix has announced a US$25m investment in a new LCD design and manufacturing facility in Heyuan, Guangdong, PRC. The new, four-floor 31,200m² plant will support design and development, display cell production and LCD module assembly. Two automated production lines employing new Japanese made manufacturing equipment will start production in the spring of 2013. The new factory will provide Varitronix with a 40% increase ...

17th September 2008
Varitronix extends ultra-high contrast IBN display range

Varitronix today extended its range of ultra high contrast IBN displays with the addition of a range of character modules based on this technology, in sizes from 1x8 characters to 4x40.

12th May 2008
Varitronix develops frontlight technology for Bi-stable Cholesteric Displays

Varitronix has introduced a new frontlight option to its Bi-stable Cholesteric Display (BCD) range making the displays suitable for use in low light environments. Varitronix BCDs are non-volatile and will retain their image contents for periods of up to 10 years with no power source, only requiring power when information on the screen is changed.

6th February 2008
Varitronix adds touch option to TFT Displays

Varitronix has enhanced its range of semi-custom TFT display technology with the introduction of a new touchscreen technology that is seeing growing adoption in high volume consumer electronics. PCTP (Projected Capacitive Touch Panel) is now available from Varitronix on colour and mono TFT screens, giving a robust, durable interface highly suitable for demanding industrial, automotive and similar environments.

14th January 2008
TFT Technology from Varitronix Boasts Widest Viewing Angle

Varitronix is launching the first in a new family of colour TFT displays, using HFFS technology to deliver exceptional image quality even when viewed at extreme angles. The first Varitronix HFFS TFT display to be released is a 3in WQVGA model (480 x 272 pixels) in 16:9 widescreen format.

26th November 2007
Varitronix expands into Benelux

Varitronix has opened an office in The Netherlands to serve the Benelux region. The team will be led by Jeroen Kaptein, Sales Manager with support from Maurice Hachmang. Commenting on the appointment Wyn Griffiths, a Director of Varitronix said, “The Benelux market has a strong design and manufacturing base. We have noticed a growing interest in our displays from this region, especially since the inception of our TFT business, so it seems logic...

26th November 2007
Varitronix launches ‘free-shape’ LCD service

LCD displays in polygonal or even circular shapes are available from industrial and automotive specialist Varitronix following investment in new precision glass scribing technology. Glass can now be cut up to 500mm square, generating polygons, circles or other more complex shapes including arcs. Robert Hill, Engineering Manager of Varitronix UK, commented, “We’ve always been able to provide customers with square or rectangular shape displays ...

18th September 2007
Non-volatile display range

Varitronix today announced the European launch of a range of BCD displays, offering high resolutions, a choice of background colours and a variety of large and small sizes. Bistable Cholesteric Display is a non-volatile display technology that only requires power when information on the screen is refreshed, making it ideal for signage, labelling and status indicators where information is presented for long periods without updating.

3rd September 2007
Varitronix targets Nordic region

Varitronix Limited, a leading manufacturer of liquid crystal displays, has appointed Flemming Pihl as its Sales Manager in charge of the Nordic region. He will focus on promoting Varitronix’s extensive range of displays including its TFT-LCD products and latest offerings in monochromatic technologies.

26th July 2007
Varitronix launches IBN ultra-clear colour on black character modules

Varitronix today announced the commercial release of displays based on its exceptionally high contrast Improved Black Nematic (IBN) technology, in sizes between 50mm x 25mm (w x h) to 150mm x 75mm. IBN displays are ideal for automotive and industrial applications where high contrast ratios and wide viewing angle displays are required to present segmented characters or pictograms.

6th June 2007
Mono TFT enables informative dashboards and consoles

Varitronix is addressing automotive dashboard and other control panel applications with a new mono TFT technology that enables advanced, attractive and informative consoles whilst avoiding the complex drive requirements of full colour TFT. Many automotive and industrial instrumentation projects have no requirement for full colour, making monochrome TFT an ideal high performance alternative to DSTN and other passive display technologies. Boasting ...

11th May 2007
Varitronix appoints Mike Burke as General Manager of its TFT Division

Varitronix Limited has appointed Mike Burke as its General Manager, TFT Division, to spearhead the launch of this technology in the UK and European markets. Commenting on the appointment Wyn Griffiths, Managing Director of Varitronix UK said, “Varitronix has an exceptional customer base amongst European industrial, automotive and telecommunications customers, with over 38% of its business originating here. We are taking a fresh approach to TFT ...

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