Mono TFT enables informative dashboards and consoles

6th June 2007
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Varitronix is addressing automotive dashboard and other control panel applications with a new mono TFT technology that enables advanced, attractive and informative consoles whilst avoiding the complex drive requirements of full colour TFT. Many automotive and industrial instrumentation projects have no requirement for full colour, making monochrome TFT an ideal high performance alternative to DSTN and other passive display technologies. Boasting an exceptional contrast ratio of approximately 1000:1, it offers the same performance characteristics as full colour TFT in terms of viewing angles and operating temperatures. Mono TFT also vastly improves the sunlight readability of the display over full colour TFT. With a transmission ratio in excess of 20% there is potential to reduce the brightness or even eliminate the backlight to save power. Mono TFT is also much simpler to drive, requiring only small changes to the drive electronics for an existing DSTN solution.
According to Varitronix, TFT is becoming increasingly popular in automotive and other consoles, as it provides much higher performance and more flexibility in how information is displayed. QVGA graphics give access to a rich variety of multimedia approaches for information display. Fast response times of up to 25ms and the use of clear pictograms and mimic diagrams mean faster driver reaction time and a user-friendly interface. The superior viewing angles of TFT also enable displays to be built into parts of the panel where traditionally this may not have been possible.

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