Sphere celebrated the one-year anniversary of its first illumination

6th July 2024
Paige West

On 4th July 2024, Sphere marked the one-year anniversary of the Exosphere’s first illumination, the world's largest LED screen, with a spectacular Exosphere show.

The Sphere Fourth of July Celebration, sponsored by Verizon, paid homage to America through a fusion of art, science, and wonder, highlighting the unity these elements bring. The display featured dynamic content enhanced by over 500 drones forming shapes of fireworks, stars, and more, perfectly complementing the visuals on the Exosphere and elevating its impact.

This event, crafted and produced by Sphere Studios – the immersive content studio specialising in multi-sensory live entertainment experiences for Sphere – celebrated the Sphere’s influence on the Las Vegas skyline. The show featured themes centred on the Stars & Stripes, the historical significance of Nevada, and a retrospective on Sphere's first year.

In conjunction with the Fourth of July Celebration, Sphere also introduced:

  • XO Audio – an innovative audio experience where music synchronises with the Exosphere content, enriching the multi-sensory experience
  • XO Stream – an official livestream now accessible on thesphere.com, allowing fans to view the Exosphere 24/7

Both XO Audio and XO Stream will continue to operate indefinitely, providing ongoing access to this cutting-edge experience.

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