Varitronix extends ultra-high contrast IBN display range

17th September 2008
ES Admin
Varitronix today extended its range of ultra high contrast IBN displays with the addition of a range of character modules based on this technology, in sizes from 1x8 characters to 4x40.
Varitronix IBN (Improved Black Nematic) displays offer a contrast ratio of 500:1, the highest possible for passive technology, as well as an excellent wide viewing angle of -35 degrees to 35 degrees horizontally and vertically, a wide temperature range of -35 to +80 degrees C. The new range of modules not only increases the variety of characters and graphics that can be presented on the displays, but also adds the option of colour filters to offer the opportunity to show different colour characters. They are ideal for automotive and industrial applications where high contrast ratios and wide viewing angle displays are required to present segmented characters or pictograms.

IBN technology works along similar principles as standard twisted nematic (TN). However, the liquid crystal molecules are vertically aligned, as opposed to horizontally, allowing a very pronounced black in negative mode. Varitronix is offering the technology in negative mode only in custom sizes. Minimum order quantities are aligned to industrial markets, whilst production scale is sufficient to fulfil automotive demand. IBN is perfect for simple interfaces such as numerical information, therefore automotive and industrial instrumentation are good potential applications.

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