Avalue unveils the latest ePaper product

26th March 2024
Paige West

Avalue Technology Inc. is changing the smart retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and embedded sectors. The company recently unveiled its new open-frame e-paper display, the EPD-4200-B1, targeting the outdoor signage market.

The EPD-4200-B1 has low energy consumption and an eco-friendly design. Unlike traditional LED displays, e-paper technology is incredibly energy efficient, using minimal power in standby mode – up to 85 times less than LED displays. Additionally, e-paper's lack of backlighting and blue light emission, relying instead on natural light, ensures clear visibility even in sunlight. This feature makes it particularly suitable for medical and outdoor applications.

Designed to function alongside a box PC, the EPD-4200-B1 excels in outdoor settings with its waterproof housing. It operates efficiently with solar power or an external battery, eliminating the need for new wiring and enabling quick installation. This makes it ideal for applications such as bus information boards, bus stop signs, route signs, ePaper sign boards, and public information boards.

The EPD-4200-B1's open-frame architecture is its biggest feature, offering flexibility and adaptability for embedded applications. It allows for seamless integration into customer-specific designs, meeting diverse installation requirements.

With its ambient light reliance and brightness readability, the EPD-4200-B1 is well-suited for bright outdoor environments. It supports a high resolution of 2,880 x 2,160 and a 180° viewing angle, making it visible in various lighting conditions. The display is built to withstand a wide temperature range from -15 to +65°C and features a fully waterproof casing with IP65 front and IP64 rear ratings, along with a 2.8mm explosion-proof glass cover for additional durability against outdoor elements.

The EPD-4200-B1 facilitates easy content updates via USB, making it an efficient solution for digital signage and bulletins.

By setting a new benchmark for outdoor signage applications, the EPD-4200-B1 offers unmatched reliability, energy efficiency, and performance. It emerges as the top choice for managing bus information displays, route signs, and public information boards.

ePaper offers the following advantages:

  • Energy-efficient, low power consumption
  • 24/7/365 continues to display content even during power outages
  • Sunlight readable supported
  • No heat source, no heat dissipation problem
  • Front IP65 & back IP64 supported and waterproof connector IP65 rating applies to the front light, USB connector, and power connector
  • Open frame structure flexible to any chassis

Main features of EPD-4200-B1:

  • Outdoor ePaper Display Kit
  • 1 USB/1 12V DC-in as an Extended USB Display
  • Front IP65, back IP64, designed for outdoor

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