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18th September 2007
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Varitronix today announced the European launch of a range of BCD displays, offering high resolutions, a choice of background colours and a variety of large and small sizes. Bistable Cholesteric Display is a non-volatile display technology that only requires power when information on the screen is refreshed, making it ideal for signage, labelling and status indicators where information is presented for long periods without updating.
Varitronix BCD displays offer exceptionally low power consumption. It’s standard products will retain their contents for periods of up to 10 years with no power source. Display contents are updated using a hard-wired solution, wirelessly or using Bluetooth from a central location.

A further strength of Varitronix BCD technology is its excellent viewability. Far from degrading under bright light, display contrast actually increases in direct sunlight. Due to the absence of polarizers in this technology, viewing angles of up to 180 degrees are achievable.

Varitronix is offering a range of 13 standard BCD displays, in resolutions from 24 x 24 to 240 x 160 and 352 x 32 pixels though displays are customisable depending on project requirements. Varitronix’s BCDs are available in a range of attractive monochrome colour combinations, including Blue/White, Red/Amber, Yellow/Green, Pink/Peach and Orange/Yellow.

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