Varitronix adds touch option to TFT Displays

6th February 2008
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Varitronix has enhanced its range of semi-custom TFT display technology with the introduction of a new touchscreen technology that is seeing growing adoption in high volume consumer electronics. PCTP (Projected Capacitive Touch Panel) is now available from Varitronix on colour and mono TFT screens, giving a robust, durable interface highly suitable for demanding industrial, automotive and similar environments.
Varitronix PCTP touch interfaces operate through a glass or other overlay, allowing the sensitive touch surface to be well protected from the surrounding environment. Based on its simple structure, the addition of a PCTP touch interface also results in minimal degradation of the optical display. With other touch technologies such as resistive, touch panels are made of plastic therefore reducing the display’s viewing properties such as contrast ratio, brightness and outdoor readability. Other features that enhance the performance of Varitronix PCTP include good palm rejection allowing support for multi-touch detection.

Mike Burke, General Manager, TFT Division at Varitronix, commented; “Varitronix is taking a state-of-the-art technology that has been proven in the consumer electronics sector and opening it up to a wider market. Thanks to its recent adoption by some well-known high volume consumer electronics OEMs the market price of PCTP is falling. We believe it is now a highly attractive alternative to resistive touch technology, which has previously been the dominant option in industrial electronics.”

PCTP technology relies on a projected electro-magnetic field, and can operate through a protective transparent layer which can be glass or Perspex. This allows PCTP screens to be very well protected against scratches, extremes in temperature, fluid spillages, dirt and other hazards common in factory, utility and mining environments. It can even withstand high pressure wash-downs. The technology also adds minimal weight and power consumption to the display making it excellent for handheld mobile applications. PCTP is sensitive to any touch which includes a gloved hand, an important function as many rugged industrial environments will require the wearing of protective clothing.

PCTP interfaces are the latest option to be offered on Varitronix innovative semi-custom TFT range, believed to be the most diverse in the industrial and automotive market. Varitronix offers designers the ability to enhance their systems with a full colour or mono TFT display specified to address their individual requirements even in low volumes. Customisation options include controller specification, backlight options, polarisers, bezels, light guides and even heaters. Varitronix offers basic glass sizes in the range 2 inch to 15 inch diagonal, and can offer fully custom glass sizes and shapes to its higher volume customers.

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