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26th March 2019
Virtual reality meets mid-air haptics in immersive experience

Ultrahaptics and Fallen Planet Studios have announced the installation of a haptified virtual reality (VR) experience at ImmotionVR’s experience centre in Cabot Circus, Bristol. The experience in Bristol, AFFECTED: The Visit, is a collaboration between Ultrahaptics, the world leader in harnessing ultrasound to create a sense of touch in mid air, independent game development studio Fallen Planet Studios and ImmotionV...

19th September 2018
Plug-and-play haptic module launched

The launch of plug-and-play haptic module, STRATOS Inspire, has been unveiled by Ultrahaptics based on its STRATOS platform. The STRATOS Inspire has been created for businesses and design agencies wanting to create more immersive and engaging digital experiences and touchpoints by adding tactile sensations (haptics). 

23rd April 2018
Ultrahaptics wins Queen’s Award for enterprise for innovation

  Ultrahaptics has announced that Her Majesty The Queen has granted the company the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category. Ultrahaptics technology uses ultrasound to project the tactile sensations through the air onto a user’s hands, enabling them to ‘feel’ virtual buttons, get touch feedback for mid-air gestures, and interact with virtual objects.

9th April 2018
Development kit for creating 3D haptic sensations in mid-air

Ultrahaptics has announced the launch of STRATOS Explore, the first development kit based on its new STRATOS platform. STRATOS Explore is available to buy through Ultrahaptics’ worldwide distribution network. Ultrahaptics’ core mid-air haptic technology creates the sense of touch in mid-air by using arrays of ultrasonic transducers to project haptic feedback directly onto users’ hands.

13th March 2018
Mid-air haptics hardware can create 3D haptic sensations

Ultrahaptics has announced the launch of STRATOS, a technology platform that can create advanced haptic sensations in mid-air, including 3D shapes, immersive effects and high-quality human-machine interface (HMI) control applications. Ultrahaptics’ technology creates the sense of touch in mid-air by using arrays of ultrasonic transducers to project haptic feedback directly onto users’ hands.

14th February 2018
From something you can feel to something that feels right

Helped by EU funding, Ultrahaptics is the first and only company in the world to develop a device which allows users to feel sensations with their bare hands while interacting in mid-air with a touchless sensing system. This frontier heralds a fundamentally new relationship with technology. The EU-funded UTOUCH project has enabled the development of ultrasonic speakers which project Invisible forces into the air, capable of being felt on hum...

5th January 2018
Shaping the future of digital interaction with advanced AR

Aiming to naturally connect more people with digital experiences, Meta Company, Ultrahaptics and ZeroLight have announced a new effort combining advanced Augmented Reality (AR), haptic feedback and real time 3D visualisation technologies. The three companies have created a holistic technological encounter, combining three of the five senses to redefine human interaction within the digital landscape.

5th January 2018
Mid-air haptic technology commercialised in 4D slot machines

  Mid-air haptics company, Ultrahaptics has signed an agreement with global gaming leader IGT to supply its mid-air haptic feedback solution for implementation in IGT’s TRUE 4D games on the CrystalCurve TRUE 4D cabinet.

13th December 2017
Revolutionising the user experience with a sense of agency

  What’s the single greatest problem with user interface design? If you’ve ever pressed an elevator button repeatedly or opened two copies of the same programme simultaneously (because nothing seemed to happen the first time you tried), then you’ve experienced it. This problem is the sense of agency - or in those examples, the lack of it.

5th October 2017
Silicon Valley is a prime location for haptics leader’s first US office

Mid-air haptics specialist, Ultrahaptics, has recently opened its first US office in Silicon Valley. The office, which is based in Palo Alto, will house the company’s growing US team. Globally, the team has grown from three to 79 people in the past three years, in part fuelled by the company’s series B investment round of £17.9m/$23.4m that was closed in May 2017.

5th May 2017
Investment supports company's entry into VR/AR markets

Ultrahaptics has announced it has completed a series B round of Investment of £17.9m ($23m). The funding will support the company through its global expansion and its entry into virtual and augmented reality markets. The new funding comes from existing shareholders, IP Group plc and Woodford Investment Management, as well as new investors, including Cornes and Dolby Family Ventures.

18th April 2017
Distribution agreement addresses Japanese market

  A distribution agreement has been announced between Ultrahaptics and Cornes Technologies, a distributor of electronic components, industrial machinery and scientific equipment in Japan. Cornes Technologies has demonstrable expertise in the promotion, distribution and support of the latest technologies sourced from around the world. 

10th April 2017
Ultrahaptics awarded ISO9001:2015 certification

Ultrahaptics has announced that it has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System. The International Organisation for Standards (ISO) and its ISO 9001:2015 standard is the world’s most popular quality management system standard. The certification is awarded upon successful completion of a thorough quality management system audit. The audit ensures that the organisation has a robust set of policies, processes...

31st March 2017
Academic programme launched to grow research network

Mid-air haptics company, Ultrahaptics, has announced the official launch of its Academic Programme. The scheme is designed to support academic research groups around the world in exploring and developing, haptic interfaces and experiences using focused ultrasound. Ultrahaptics has developed an technology that creates the sense of touch in mid-air, through the use of modulated ultrasound. Users are able to feel virtual objects, shapes, switch...

23rd March 2017
Bringing mid-air haptics to the ‘ultimate display'

Ultrahaptics has announced that it is collaborating with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The collaboration has leveraged Ultrahaptics’ innovative haptics technology to enhance a new undergraduate course during which students learnt to cohesively blend virtual and physical realities, enabling students and users to feel and touch virtual objects and interact with data in new immersive ways.

22nd February 2017
Ultrahaptics to integrate haptic sensations into connected cars

  To incorporate mid-air gesture haptic feedback technology into a range of infotainment and audio systems, Ultrahaptics has announced a collaboration with HARMAN International Industries.

Events News
6th January 2017
CES 2017: Mid air haptics in concept car showcased

  Ultrahaptics has announced that its touch-free haptic feedback solution is integrated into a new concept car being exhibited by a major tier 1 supplier into the automotive industry at CES 2017.

20th December 2016
Ultrahaptics wins ACE Ultimate Product Software Award

The mid-air haptic feedback technology company, Ultrahaptics, has been presented with the Ultimate Product Software award by the judging panel of the 2016 ACE Awards at a ceremony in San Jose on December 7th. The prestigious award recognises the most significant software product introduced between January 1st, 2015, and June 30th, 2016.

Events News
6th December 2016
Virtual reality mid-air touchless haptic demo at VRX

  Ultrahaptics has  announced a Virtual Reality (VR) demo that showcases its mid-air touchless haptic technology. The unique demo is being unveiled at the VRX Conference & Expo in San Francisco (December 7th-8th). 

28th November 2016
Ultrahaptics shortlisted for the product software award

Shortlisted for the Ultimate Product Software award by the judging panel of the 2016 ACE Awards is Ultrahaptics, the mid-air haptic feedback technology company. The award recognises the most significant software product introduced between 1st January 2015, and 30th June 2016.

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