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13th November 2020
Collaboration reference methodology for compute designs

Synopsys has announced its collaboration with Samsung Foundry to deliver a new certified digital implementation, timing and physical signoff reference flow accelerating high-performance compute designs using the Synopsys Fusion Design Platform.

12th November 2020
CXL 2.0 Verification IP solution for SoC performance

Synopsys has announced the availability of the Verification IP (VIP) for Compute Express Link (CXL) 2.0 designed for performance in data-intensive system-on-chips (SoCs). 

28th October 2020
Reference flow for ASIL D-compliant SoC design

Synopsys and Samsung Foundry has announced the release of a validated automotive reference flow to streamline SoC hardware design for in-system test, implementation, verification, timing and physical signoff for ISO 26262 compliance. This reference flow is targeted for automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) D autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) applications.

28th October 2020
Brining machine learning inference to the embedded edge

Synopsys has announced its collaboration with to bring its machine learning inference at scale to the embedded edge. Through this engagement, has adopted key products from Synopsys DesignWare IP, Verification Continuum Platform, and Fusion Design Platform for the development of their MLSoC, a purpose-built machine-learning platform targeted at specialised computer vision applications, such as autonomous driving, surveillance, and ...

28th October 2020
3DIC Compiler solution for high-bandwidth memories

Synopsys has announced that its 3DIC Compiler solution enabled Samsung Foundry to design, implement and tape out a complex 5-nanometer SoC featuring eight high-bandwidth memories (HBMs) in a single package.

15th October 2020
PCI Express 5.0 IP interoperability with xeon scalable processor

Synopsys has announced its collaboration with Intel to achieve successful system-level interoperability between the Synopsys DesignWare Controller and PHY IP for PCI Express 5.0 and future Intel Xeon Scalable processors (codename Sapphire Rapids).

14th October 2020
IC compiler II delivers first-pass silicon success

Synopsys has announced that Graphcore achieved first-pass silicon success using an IC Compiler II place-and-route solution, part of the Synopsys Fusion Platform, for designing its second-generation Colossus MK2 GC200 Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), featuring 59.4 billion transistors, on a 7nm advanced process technology.

13th October 2020
Silicon Lifecycle Management platform for SoC designs

Synopsys has unveiled its Silicon Lifecycle Management (SLM) platform, a data-analytics-driven approach to optimising SoCs from the design phase through to end-user deployment. The SLM platform, which is tightly coupled with Synopsys' market-leading Fusion Design Platform, will provide visibility into critical performance, reliability and security issues for the entirety of a chip's lifespan.

13th October 2020
New Synopsys General Manager of the Digital Design Group

Synopsys has announced that Shankar Krishnamoorthy has been promoted to GM of the Digital Design Group. Krishnamoorthy, who rejoined Synopsys in 2017, is an electronic design automation veteran with 25 years of experience bringing to market high-value, market-leading physical design and logic synthesis solutions.

9th October 2020
Synopsys DesignWare CXL IP supports AMBA CXS protocol

Synopsys has announced that its DesignWare CXL Controller IP now supports the AMBA CXS protocol, enabling an efficient interface with the latest, highly scalable Arm Neoverse Coherent Mesh Network to provide an optimised multichip IP stack for a range of high-performance computing, datacenter, and networking system-on-chip (SoCs). 

20th August 2020
HAPS-80 prototyping to validate data flow processor IP

Synopsys has announced that NSITEXE adopted Synopsys HAPS-80 prototyping solution to develop their current and next-generation Data Flow Processor (DFP) IP portfolio. HAPS-80 delivers the high-performance needed for software development and system validation of NSITEXE's RISC-V based accelerator with a complex 512-bit vector processing unit for vehicle control microcomputers.

20th August 2020
Synopsys appoints Sassine Ghazi as Chief Operating Officer

Synopsys has announced that Sassine Ghazi has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer. Ghazi, who joined Synopsys in 1998, brings multiple decades of experience in chip design, applications engineering, customer support, sales, and business management.

23rd July 2020
Silicon-proven DesignWare Interface IP to accelerate SoCs

Synopsys has announced that JLQ Technology has selected Synopsys DesignWare Interface IP to accelerate development of its new generation of high-performance, low-power systems-on-chips (SoCs) for a range of applications.

29th June 2020
Synopsys awarded DARPA contract for AISS program

Synopsys has announced that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected Synopsys as a prime contractor for the Automatic Implementation of Secure Silicon AISS program. The program's goal is to automate the inclusion of scalable hardware security mechanisms in IP and system-on-chips (SoCs) to explore security versus other design trade-offs.

16th June 2020
Highly scalable timing signoff flow in the cloud

Synopsys has announced that its collaboration with TSMC and Microsoft has delivered a highly scalable timing signoff flow for use in the cloud. This extensive, multi-month collaboration among the three industry partners speeds up the path to signoff next-generation systems-on-chips (SoCs).

11th June 2020
Synopsys acquires analytics innovator Qualtera

Synopsys has announced it has acquired Qualtera, a fast-growing provider of collaborative high-performance, big data analytics for semiconductor test and manufacturing.

27th May 2020
Synopsys enables Arm's next generation of mobile IP

Synopsys has announced that it has collaborated with Arm to enable tapeouts of optimised system-on-chips (SoCs) for early adopters of Arm's latest mobile IP, including Arm Cortex-A78 and Cortex-X1 CPUs, and Mali-G78 GPU.

19th May 2020
Collaboration enables designs on TSMC N5 and N6 processes

Synopsys has announced certification of its digital and custom design platforms for TSMC's N5 and N6 process technologies. Synopsys' long-term collaboration with TSMC has resulted in accelerating next-generation product design for key vertical markets, including high-performance computing (HPC), mobile, 5G, and AI chip designs.

6th May 2020
COVID-19 tracing app fails NHS and cyber security tests

It has been reported that the government’s anticipated COVID-19 tracing app has failed crucial security tests and is not yet safe enough to be rolled out across the UK. It is understood the system has failed all tests needed in order for it to be included in the NHS Apps Library, including cyber security, clinical safety and performance.

20th April 2020
Synopsys’ ARC processor IP delivers performance boost

Synopsys has announced the new DesignWare ARC HS5x and HS6x processor IP families for high-performance embedded applications. The 32-bit ARC HS5x and 64-bit HS6x processors, available in single-core and multicore versions, are implementations of a new superscalar ARCv3 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and deliver up to 8750 DMIPS per core in 16-nm process technologies under typical conditions, making them the highest performance ARC processors ...

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