Synopsys unveils 1.6T Ethernet IP for AI and data centres

29th February 2024
Kristian McCann

In an era dominated by data-intensive AI workloads, Synopsys’ latest offering addresses the critical need for high-bandwidth, low-latency chips capable of processing vast amounts of data swiftly. 

This development is a boon for hyperscale data centres that are at the core of intelligent computing, enabling the creation of the industry's fastest chips for networking applications within AI and data centres.

Synopsys is at the forefront of supporting hyperscale data centre providers and their ecosystems in future-proofing their infrastructure through a comprehensive, interoperable, and proven IP portfolio. The launch underscores Synopsys' commitment to advancing the capabilities of data processing chips to meet the explosive demand for high-speed data and AI processing.

Industry Leaders on the 1.6T Ethernet IP Solution: Ram Periakaruppan, Vice President and General Manager at Keysight Technologies, highlighted the accelerated need for 1.6T Ethernet to support massive AI and machine learning workloads in data centres. The collaboration between Synopsys and Keysight Technologies is pivotal in enabling the design of fast and reliable system-on-chip devices.

Keith Guetig, Vice President of Product Management at Samtec, emphasized the critical role of high-speed data access for hyperscale cloud providers. The interoperability of Synopsys’ Ethernet solutions with Samtec’s high-speed cable assemblies significantly reduces design risks for SoCs in cloud, AI, and 5G applications.

Peter Jones, Chairman of the Ethernet Alliance, pointed out the importance of development tools that can meet the burgeoning demands of hyperscale data centres, crossing Terabits per second thresholds. The new Ethernet standards are essential for addressing these market needs.

John Koeter, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for IP at Synopsys, stated that the significant compute demands of hyperscale data centres necessitate faster Ethernet speeds to enable AI workloads. Synopsys' comprehensive IP solution, pre-verified subsystems, and extensive expertise in interface IP development empower designers to integrate essential functionality into their SoCs with confidence and reduced risk.

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